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12 ECON Vocab 15

study material for Economics Vocab CH 15 - Ponder

time deposit interest-bearing deposit that cannot be withdrawn without prior notice
net worth excess of assets over liabilities
Ml components of the money supply that most closely match money's role as a medium of exchange
member bank commercial banks that are members of, and hold stock in, the Fed
prime rate best or lowest interest rate that commercial bankers charge their customers
reserve requirement rule stating that a percentage of every deposit must be set aside as legal reserves
tight money policy Fed plan to restrict the money supply and allow interest rates to rise
savings account interest-bearing deposit that can be withdrawn without prior notice
monetary policy Fed's plan for expanding or contracting the money supply
assets properties, possessions, and claims on others
legal reserves coins and currency that depository institutions hold in their vaults plus deposits they have placed in Fed district banks
balance sheet condensed statement showing all assets and liabilities
member bank reserve deposit a member bank keeps at the Fed
liabilities debts and obligations to others
discount rate interest rate the Fed charges on loans to financial institutions
Regulation Z law giving the Fed authority to extend truth-in-lending disclosures to people borrowing from corporations, retail stores, automobile dealers, and lending institutions
real rate of interest market rate of interest minus the rate of inflation
easy money policy Fed plan to allow the money supply to grow and interest rates to fall
bank holding company corporation that owns one or more banks
liquidity potential to be converted into cash very quickly
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