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Text Structure II

More Text Structure Practice

You can tell how old a mountain range is by the way it looks. Mountains that were formed recently have sharp, jagged peaks. However, older mountains are worn down, so they are smoother and lower. New and old mountain ranges look very different. Compare/Contrast
In 1811 and 1812, there were two massive earthquakes in Tennessee. They were so strong that they created a hole in the earth near the Mississippi River. As a result, water from the river flowed into the hole. This made a lake. Cause/Effect
Planting corn used to be backbreaking work. It took a really long time to plant an entire field by hand. Henry Blair knew there must be a better method. He studied the dilemma and invented a seed planter so that farmers didn't have to work so hard. Problem/Solution
As Alexander Graham Bell grew up, his mother slowly lost her hearing. Bell wanted his mother to be able to communicate with others. Therefore, he learned sign language so that she wouldn't feel left out of conversations. Cause/Effect
Mount Rushmore is located in South Dakota. The giant sculpture shows four presidents' faces carved into the side of a mountain. From left to right the faces are George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln. Descriptive
Clara Barton wanted to help people who were hurt. She became a nurse during the Civil War and helped wounded soldiers. But she also wanted to help other people. For this reason, she started the American Red Cross, an organization that helps many people. Cause/Effect
Some people fish for a living. They sell the fish they catch to stores and restaurants. However, if too many people fish in the same area, then the fish population decreases. Overfishing can cause species to become endangered or extinct. Cause/Effect
People used to think that sickness was a punishment. Scientists knew this was not true, but how could they prove it? They did experiments and gathered information about the spread of illness. Finally, they were able to solve the mystery of diseases Problem/Solution
A reporter writes a story by following a pattern. First, she interviews people and uses a recorder to record their comments. Then, she listens to the recording as she takes notes. After that, she writes the story. Finally, she gives the story to a editor. Sequence
Big newspapers have a lot of writers and photographers. The writers only do writing and photographers only take pictures. However, small papers only have a few people. The writers also take photos. Both kinds of papers publish stories and photos. Compare/Contrast
Before the Constitution, the government could shut down a newspaper. This meant that people might not get the news. People knew this was a problem. The Constitution solved this dilemma by creating a law that gave Americans the right to a free press. Problem/Solution
Newspaper writers have to tell the truth. If they hear a rumor, they cannot write about it until they prove it is a fact. If a newspaper publishes a false story, it would lead to people distrusting the paper. As a result, people wouldn't buy that paper. Cause/Effect
Long ago, people thought tomatoes were poisonous. Most people weren't willing to try them. But some brave people began to eat them. When they did not get sick, others began to eat tomatoes. This led to tomatoes becoming one of the most common foods. Cause/Effect
The Navajo people are famous for their woven blankets, which come in different patterns and colors. While the Zuni tribe also uses colors and patterns in crafts, the Zuni are famous for jewelry. However, both tribes are in the Southwest. Compare/Contrast
When something interesting happens, photographers first grab their cameras and rush to the event. During the event, they shoot photos. After that, they look at their pictures. Then, they choose the best one. Finally, that photo is published. Sequence
Early newspapers told important information. However, some people wanted entertaining stories. For this reason, newspapers added more sections to the papers. By adding more space for stories, they could write about more topics. Cause/Effect
The front page of a newspaper is carefully designed. The most interesting stories and photos are above the fold, below the newspaper's name. The top of the paper also has the date and the price. The less interesting stories are below the fold. Descriptive
Newspaper writers want to write long stories, but papers need to have room for advertisements. The writers solve the problem by shortening their stories. Another solution is to add more pages to the newspaper. Problem/Solution
Charles Dickens was an 1800s English writer who was concerned about the poor. He worried that rich people did not know how hard it was to be poor. For this reason, he wrote stories about poor people. His books made people aware of poor people's suffering. Cause/Effect
A newsroom is a busy place. It is usually a big area, filled with desks, chairs and tables. The desks are covered with papers, pens and computers. Reporters constantly talk on the phone and discuss stories with each other, so the newsroom is always noisy. Descriptive
Alaska has snowy winters, and its roads are not always good. Because of this, many families do not have cars. They use snowmobiles or even small planes so that they can get around. Cause/Effect
The Mississippi River was flooding and people who lived along its banks were worried about their safety, their homes and their belongings. How could they keep their families and belongings safe? The only solution was to leave until the river went down. Problem/Solution
Traditional poets write by following rules about rhymes and lines. They count syllables and make sure that lines match perfectly. However, poets who write free verse don't worry about rhyming, syllables or lines. Free verse poets write whatever they want. Compare/Contrast
Sugar maples are among the most common trees in North America. These average-sized trees have bright green leaves that turn brilliant shades in the fall. Their leaves are broad and have many points. The leaves can grow bigger than two hands put together. Descriptive
When movies were first invented, people could only watch the action on the screen. They could not hear the actors talk or sing. After silent movies became popular, film-makers discovered how to add sound to them. Later on, they made movies in 3D. Sequence
To design a newspaper page, first you have to place the story on the page. Second, you make a space for the photo that goes with the story. After you have arranged the story and the picture, then you write a headline for the story. Sequence
Created by: conleyjl
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