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XU Organic Vocab 4

words 621-660 09/29

excoriate to critize harshly; to censure; (literally to tear off a piece of skin)
amnesia loss of mamory
cumbersome clumsy or difficult to manage; unwieldy
cupidity extreme selfishness; avarice: greed
cursory not thorough; superficial; hasty.
cynic one who believes that all humans are insincere and selfish; a sneering and sarcastic person.
hypothetical based only on theory or supposition; assumed but not proved.
amorphous shapeless; with no special form.
excruciating extremely painful; agonizing
incubus anything greatly oppressive or discouraging; a mental burden; a nightmare; a mythological, night-visiting evil spirit.
inculcate to teach or impress by frequent repetition; to instill.
exiguous scanty; small; insufficient
exorcised freed from evil spirits by chanted words or other spirits.
exotic strangely enticing or facinating; not native; foreign.
incumbent required as one's duty or obligation; one holding an office or position.
mundane wordly; ordinary; uninspired or uninspiring.
munificent excessively generous; very liberal; lavish
mutability tendency to change; alteribilitu; inconstistency.
hyperbole extreme exaggeration in expression; overstatement.
hypercritical overly critical; faultfinding; carping.
hypochondriac one who is unduly anxious over personal health; one who imagines illness.
indefatigable not able to be fatigued. never tiring; unflagging.
expedient suitable or advisable at the moment opportune or useful but not necessarily right, such an action or means.
explicit distinctly stated; specific. exact.
execrable detestable; revolting; abominable; deserving to be cursed.
preposterous contrary to common sense; absurd; ridiculous.
credible believable; trustworthy; reliable.
credulous willing to believe too readily; trusting of scant evidence; gullible.
criterion a standard for judging; a recognized requirement; a model or essential measure.
console to lesses sadness or disappointment; to comfort or cheer in distress; to solace; the keyboard of an organ, computer. etc; a cabinet.
construe to understand or explain the meaning of; to interpret or deduce.
subside to become less active; to decrease from violence or agitation to calmness; to sink or settle.
contemned despised; scorned; treated with contempt.
contentious quarrelsome; arguementative; uncooperative.
contiguous touching; adjoining.
contingent dependent upon but uncertain; a group or delegation.
contrite deeply sorry for wrong doing; repentant; penitent.
contumacy defiance of authority; rebelliousness; insubordination.
conversant able to discuss meaningfully; well acquainted; knowledgable; familiar; informed.
convivial enjoying company; sociable; festive.
Created by: Khristalin