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Physics Calculations

Revision Of Physics Calculations

Calculate the average speed of a train that travels 500km in 5 hours. 100km/h
Calculate the acceleration of a car that changes its speed from 40m/s to 90m/s in 5secs. 10m/s2
How long does it take to cover a distance of 360m at a speed of 40m/s? 9secs
Calculate the weight of a block of mass 6kg. 60N (Newtons)
Calculate the weight of a book of mass 0.5kg. 5N (Newtons)
Calculate the work done when a force of 7N is used to move a shopping trolley 12m. 84J (Joules)
Calculate the work done to lift a book of mass 0.3kg up a distance of 2m. 6J (Joules)
Calculate the power produced if a force of 8N is used to move an object 3 metres above the ground in 4 secs. 6W (Watts)
Calculate the power produced if a mass of 10kg is lifted by 2 metres in 5 secs. 40W (Watts)
Calculate the pressure exerted by a square box that weighs 18N and has side length 6cm on a table. 0.5 N/cm2
Calculate the force needed to exert a pressure of 20Pa on an area of 4m2. 80N (Newtons)
Calculate the pressure exerted by a mass of 12kg on an area of 8m2. 15N/m2 or 15Pa (Pascals)
A voltage of 16V causes a current of 4A to flow in a wire. Calculate the resistance of the wire. 4 Ohms
Calculate the current that flows through a wire of resistance 3ohms if a 6V battery is used. 2A (Amps)
How much would it cost to run a 2kW toaster for 1.5hours if each unit of electricity costs 12c? 36cents or €0.36
Calculate the cost of powering a 50W electric piano for 3 hours at 15c per unit. 2cents or €0.02
Calculate the density of a substance that has a mass of 15kg and a volume of 3cm3. 5kg/cm3
Calculate the mass of a substance that has a density of 3g/cm3 and a volume of 6cm3. 18g (Grams)
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