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Time Conversions

4 hrs-->___min 240 minutes
8 hrs-->_____min 480 minutes
15 hrs--> ____min 900 minutes
32 min-->_____sec 1,920 seconds
48 min-->_____sec 2,880 seconds
15 min-->_____sec 900 seconds
3 hr, 30 min-->_____min 210 minutes
1 hr, 28 mins-->____ min 88 minutes
24 min, 54 sec-->_____ sec 1,494 seconds
17 min, 41 sec-->______sec 1,061 seconds
5 1/2 hrs-->______min 330 minutes
2 3/4 mins-->______sec 165 seconds
7 yards, 10 in--->_____inches 262 inches
13 ft, 8 in -->_____ inches 164 inches
14 lbs--> ___oz 224 ounces
10 3/4 kg--->_____grams 10,750 grams
4 qts -->_____ cups 16 cups
16 pints -->______ cups 32 cups
5 gallons-->_____pints 40 pints
3 meters, 15 cm-->_____cm 315 centimeters
15 cm-->____mm 150 millimeters
Susie was babysitting her little sister for 3 hours and 22 minutes. How many total minutes did Susie babysit her little sister? Susie babysat her sister for 202 minutes.
Ms. Patel went for a run on Sunday afternoon. She ran for 32 minutes. How many seconds did Ms. Patel run for? Ms. Patel ran for 1,920 seconds.
Justice’s baby brother crawled 12 yards over the weekend. How far, in inches, did he crawl? Justice's baby brother crawled 432 inches over the weekend.
Billy puts a book that weighs 84 ounces in his backpack. He then puts in another book that weighs 3lbs, 5 ounces. How much does his backpack weigh in all, in ounces? Billy has a total weight of 137 ounces in his backpack.
The elephants at the zoo drink 12 quarts of water each day. How many cups of water do they drink each day? The elephants drink 48 cups of water a day.
Created by: HarrTeacher