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US History

Unit 10 test

What did the Hawley-Smoot Tariff do? It placed a tax on imports in 1930.
What amendment ended prohibition? 21st amendment
What message were flappers trying to send? They were to trying to make a break from the traditional roles of women
How did the mass media affect America in the 1920's? It helped create a national culture.
What were the long term results of prohibition? It caused the growth of organized crime (mafia)
Why did some states ban the teaching of evolution? Because it went against the Bible’s account of creation
Why did African-American migrate north in the 1920's? They moved in search of better jobs and to escape discrimination in the South
Who brought Jazz music to the North? African Americans
Who did the KKK target with their acts of terror? They targeted African-Americans, Catholics, Jews, and immigrants
Why did women not vote in large masses right away after waiting so long to get the right to vote? They didn’t feel comfortable voting, the couldn’t leave their children at home to vote, and many families discouraged them from voting
What key beliefs did the Republican party focus on in the 1920's? They focused on isolationism and laissez-faire business policies
What was responsible for the economy growing so well in the 1920's? Consumers buying things on credit
What impact did Ford Motor Company have on other industries? It helped boost production in other industries
What were the main causes of the Great Depression? Uneven prosperity, personal debt, overproduction, and stock market speculation
How did Ford re-invent the assembly line? He made it more efficient by having workers stay in one place and do the same thing over and over.
What group of people suffered the most during the 1920's? Farmers and factory workers
How were African-Americans, Hispanics, and Asians affected by the depression? They lost jobs to whites during the depression
What caused the stock market to crash? People raced to sell all their shares and it caused the market to crash
What was the key disagreement between Roosevelt and Hoover in the 1932 election? Their disagreement was over what role the government should play in fixing people’s problems
What caused many banks to close during the depression? Banks closed when they couldn’t return people’s savings to them
How did the Great Depression affect other countries around the world? It created a worldwide depression
How were female workers treated during the Great Depression? They were accused of taking jobs away from men
What things did the New Deal fail to address? It failed to protect domestic workers
What issues did Progressives have with the New Deal? They felt the New Deal didn’t do enough to redistribute the wealth
What role did Eleanor Roosevelt play in the New Deal? She went out and actively campaigned for the New Deal
What was the purpose of the Second New Deal? Its purpose was to do more for ordinary Americans
What role did movies play for Americans in the 1930? They provided a temporary escape from the problems going on in society
What did Roosevelt do in his first 100 days in office? He pushed Congress to pass legislation to improve the economy
What was the end result of the New Deal? It did create some short-term economic improvement
Al Capone Famous Chicago gangster nicknamed “scarface”
Clarence Darrow Lawyer in the Scopes Trial who supported “Evolution” and free speech
Amelia Earhart First woman to fly across the Atlantic solo
Louis Armstrong Famous Jazz musician of the 1920’s
Marcus Garvey Leader of the movement for African-American pride
Bootleggers People who supplied illegal alcohol during prohibition
Lost Generation American writers of the 1920’s who were turned off by American culture.
Jazz Age New style of music that emerged in the 1920’s and was heavily influenced by African-Americans
Harlem Renaissance African-American literary movement of the 1920’s.
Speakeasies People who ran illegal bars during prohibition
Isolationism Policy of avoiding alliances with foreign countries to stay out of conflict
Welfare Capitalism Offering workers higher wages and providing benefits
Red Scare Intense fear of communism that took place in American in the 1920’s
Quota A numerical unit
Buying on margin The practice of making high risk investments in hopes of big returns
Hooverville Make shift towns built by homeless people during the depression
Black Tuesday October 29, 1929 (date the stock market crashed)
Business cycle Period in which the economy grows and then contracts
National Debt The money that the government has borrowed and has yet to pay back
Coalition An alliance of groups with similar goals
Public Works Program Government funded projects to build public facilities
Tennessee Valley Authority Project that helped farmers and created jobs with a hydroelectric power plant
Social Security Program that provided old-age pensions for workers, unemployment insurance, and other benefits
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