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What is oxidation Something reacting w/oxygen for new product
Example of oxidation Rusty nail
What is combustion Oxidation releasing heat and light
Examples of combustion kerosene/fuel oil
What are the 3 part of the fire triangle? Fuel, oxygen, heat
What burns? What physical phase can readily burn? gases or vapors burn
What can give a boost to a combustion reaction? Electric spark or match lighting
What does exothermic mean? Hot-high energy
What does endothermic mean? Cold-very little energy
What is flashpoint? When liquid gives off vapor to burn
What does lean and rich mean? Lean-too little fuel - rich-too much fuel
What is thermobaric? fuel/air explosion
Give an example of a fuel-air type accident? Propane or methane explosion
Give an example of spontaneous combustion? Hay fire/Linseed oil caused by bacteria break down.
How does a FSC cigarette work? Fire safe paper
Give an example of glowing combustion? Campfire coals or burning cigarette
What is pyrophoric? Solids that will burn (flint)
Why do fires slow down at night? Lower temps at night/loss of heat
What is the best accelerant detector at an arson scene? Dogs
A detector that will point out the presence of an eccelerant vapors but cannot identify the specific accelerant used? Hydrocarbon Detector
What lab instrument is used to analyze accelerants? Gas Chromatograph Mass Spectrometer (GCMS)
What is pyrolosis? Changing of solid to gas by heat
Give example of engineered pyrolosis? Cigarette
What is the difference between professional and Amateur cremation? Time and Temperature
What is deflagration? Fast burning
Why so explosive react so fast? Provide their own oxygen
Who made nitroglycerin safer to use? Alfred Nobel
Is gunpowder a high or low explosive? low
Other example of low explosive? Sugar and Potassium Chloride
What is hypergolic? Used to start an arson fire (delayed chemical fire starter)
Name 3 things that kill in explosives? shock wave, thermal (heat), shrapnel
Give example of primary high explosive? Lead Azide/Lead Stiffnate
Give example of secondary high explosive? TNT, Dynomite, Nitroglycerin
What is Phoenix's most famous bombing case? Don Boles
What is TATP made out of? Peroxide, Acetone
Give examples of common bomb making materials? Toaster, watch, cell phone, wires
What type of search is used for bomb scene evidence? Grid Search
Give example of field explosive detection test? Color test, microscope, dog, Ion Mobility Spectrometer
What is/are organic explosives tests? IR and GC
What is In-organic explosive test? xray analysis
What is a taggant? Substance, such as a mixture of microscopic pieces of multilayered colored plastic, that is added to an explosive to indicate its source of mfg.
Why are we limited on liquid volumes in flight? 3-1-1 rule to eliminate liquid explosives on flights
What type of explosive was used in the Oklahoma City bombing? barrels filled with diesal fuel and other chemicals
Who was the unibomber? Ted Kazinski
Who was Eric Rudolf? Olympic bomber
What type of bomb was used at the Boston Marathon? Pipe bomb/pressure cooker
Name 3 fire stages? Incipient(growth), free burning(development), smoldering(decay)
How can you determine the origin and cause of fire? burn patterns, electrical or melted areas, heavy burned areas
Name on indicator of arson/ Eccelerants, gas cans
What is an eccelerant? Liquid used to start a fire
Name a common arson eccelerant? gasoline
What is IMS? Ion Mobility Sprctro (sniffs out explosives)
What is IED? Improvise Explosive Device
What exploded at Pepcon in Henderson NV? One of 2 plants producing Ammonium Perchlorate (AP)oxidizer used in Rocket Boosters for space shuttle
Texas City Explosion 04/16/1947 The deadliest comm'l/industrial accident in history (Ammonium Nitrate)
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