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9 Pressure

Pressure and moments flashcards

A unit for pressure. 1 Pa = 1 N/m2. pascal (Pa)
The force on a certain area. pressure
An illness caused by very low air pressure. It can be fatal. altitude sickness
Another name for decompression sickness. bends
Squeezed together. compressed
Bubbles in the blood caused if divers come to the surface too quickly. It can be fatal. decompression sickness
A system which works by transmitting pressure through pipes containing a liquid. hydraulic
Containing air or gas under pressure, eg tyres. pneumatic
Two muscles that work a joint by pulling in opposite directions, eg biceps and triceps. antagonistic muscles
Muscle found at the front of the arm between the shoulder and elbow. biceps
Making something smaller or shorter. contracting
The force put on a lever to put a force on something else. effort
A lever used to turn a small force into a larger one. force multiplier
A point around which something turns. Another name for a pivot. fulcrum
A simple machine which can increase the size of a force. lever
The weight or force on something. load
Something which alters the size or direction of a force. machine
Another name for a fulcrum. pivot
The bone in the forearm that the biceps muscle pulls on. radius bone
Muscle found at the back of the arm between the shoulder and elbow. triceps
The moment of a force in an anticlockwise direction around a pivot. anticlockwise moment
The moment of a force in a clockwise direction around a pivot. clockwise moment
Push on something. exert
In balance. in equilibrium
The turning effect of a force. It is calculated using: moment = force x distance of force from pivot. moment
The unit for the moment of a force. newton metre (Nm)
The principle of moments states that when something is in equilibrium (in balance), the clockwise moment is equal to the anticlockwise moment. principle of moments
The moment of a force. The way in which a force turns something around a pivot. turning effect
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