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KS3 metals

KS3 reaction and properties of metals

What is an oxidation? When an element GAINS/JOINS with oxygen
What is reduction? When a compound LOSES oxygen
IN this equation, which element is reduced, which is oxidised: Iron Oxide + Carbon  Carbon Dioxide + Iron Iron is reduced (Iron Oxide loses Oxygen); Carbon is oxidised
Define an element, a compound and a mixture An element is made of one type of particles (atoms) only; a compound is two (or more) elements JOINED together;a mixture is made of two particles NOT JOINED together, the particles in a mixture can be separated easily
Explain what galvanising is Coating a metal with Zinc, so that the metal does not oxidise
Name the three elements found in Copper sulphate Copper Sulfur and Oxygen (the ATE means lots of oxygen)
Balance this equation Mg + HCl -> MgCl2 + H2 Mg + 2 HCl -> MgCl2 + H2
Say what elements are present in this compound and how many atoms of each: C2H5OH Carbon (2 atoms)Hydrogen (6 atoms) Oxygen (1 atom)
Explain how metals such as iron can be extracted from their ores Carbon is more reactive than Iron; Carbon takes away the Oxygen from Iron (do not say “the oxide”); Carbon reduces the Iron
Write the equation for the reaction that occurs between Sodium and water Sodium + Water -> Sodium Hydroxide + Hydrogen
What is the alkali formed when Potassium reacts with water? Potassium Hydroxide
What gas is formed when a metal reacts with acid? Hydrogen
Write the word equation for the reaction between Iron and Hydrochloric Acid Iron + Hydrochloric Acid --> Iron Chloride + Hydrogen
Write the word equation for the reaction between Magnesium and Nitric Acid Magnesium + Nitric Acid --> Magnesium Nitrate + Hydrogen
Name these elements from their symbols: Na, K, C, Mg Sodium, Potassium, Carbon, Magnesium
A metal X displaces Y from solution but metal X does not react with the nitrate of Z; What is the order of reactivity? from most reactive to least reactive Z>X>Y
Magnesium burns in air with a bright flame. Write the word equation Magnesium +Oxygen --> Magnesium Oxide
Calcium burns in air to make Calcium Oxide. Write the word equation Calcium + Oxygen --> Calcium Oxide
Copper burns in air. Write the word equation Copper +Oxygen --> Copper Oxide
When Iron is placed in Copper Sulfate, the Iron becomes coated with a red substance. What is the name of that substance? Copper (have you written the word equation? Copper Sulfate + Iron  Copper + Iron Sulfate)
What would you observe when you place Magnesium in Copper Sulfate? A red solid forms (copper) and the blue solution becomes colourless (as the copper sulphate reacts): (have you written the word equation? Copper Sulfate + Iron  Copper + Iron Sulfate)
Write the word equation for the reaction between Silver Nitrate and Zinc Zinc + Silver Nitrate --> Zinc Nitrate + Silver
What type of substance is Copper Sulfate? Element, Compound or mixture? Compound
What type of substance is Hydrogen? Element, Compound or mixture? Element
What type of substance is salty water? Element, Compound or mixture? Mixture
Name a metal that rusts Iron
Why is it wrong to say “Zinc rusts”?What should you say instead Because ONLY iron rusts; all the other metals OXIDISE
What is the chemical name for rust? Iron Oxide
What two chemicals are needed for Iron to rust? Water and Oxygen
Write the name of the compound which is formed when Zinc reacts with sulphur Zinc Sulfide
Write the name of the compound which is formed when Sodium reacts with Chlorine Sodium Chloride
Where are the metals found on the Periodic table? On the left hand side
What acid would you need to make Zinc Sulfate? Sulfuric Acid
Jane wants to make Copper Sulfate. Why should she not add Sulfuric Acid to Copper?What should she use instead of Copper? Because Copper is not reactive enough (it is less reactive than Hydrogen). She could use Copper Oxide or Copper Carbonate instead.
The gas given off in an experiment re-lit a glowing splint. Give the name of this gas. Hydrogen
When Magnesium is burned, a white powder is formed. What is the name of this white powder? Magnesium Oxide (have you written the word equation? Magnesium +Oxygen  Magnesium Oxide)
In an experiment, Magnesium is burned in air. Why is the mass increasing? Because Oxygen has combined with Magnesium
What is the name of this compound: CuS? Copper SulfIDE (when only 2 elements, the non-metals finishes in -IDE)
What is the name of this compound: CuSO4? Copper SulfATE (when 2 elements PLUS oxygen the non-metal finishes in –ATE)
Jane places Magnesium in Nitric Acid. Explain why the mass decreases Hydrogen gas is produced and escapes
A metal that can be separated from a mixture using a magnet IRON
It describes how easily a metal reacts REACTIVITY
A type of corrosion that only forms on iron RUST
A table that shows metals arranged in order of their reactivity REACTIVITY SERIES
Copper chloride & magnesium sulphate are examples of this group of compounds SALTS
A soft & reactive alkali metal with the symbol K POTASSIUM
A reaction where a more reactive metal takes the place of a less reactive one DISPLACEMENT REACTION
The chemical symbol for the metal sodium Na
This group of salts has the formula of CO3 CARBONATES
The acid that produces salts called sulphates SULPHURIC
A gas that turns limewater milky CARBON DIOXIDE
A valuable and very unreactive metal GOLD
They appear when a gas is produced in a chemical reaction BUBBLES
A metal that has lost is shine has also lost this? Hint: Sounds like Buster LUSTRE
When a metal loses its shine TARNISHED
The name of the compound produced when a metal reacts with oxygen OXIDE
The salt produced when hydrochloric acid is a reactant CHLORIDE
The name given to the group of reactive metals potassium, sodium and lithium ALKALI METALS
Are Metal hydroxides (OH) acids or alkalis? ALKALINE
All metals conduct these ELECTRICITY & HEAT
A metal used in aeroplanes because of its low density ALUMINIUM
Rusting and oxidation are both examples of this process Hint: Acid rain can cause it CORROSION
The chemical formula of the hydroxide group OH
The formula of the sulphate group SO4
The chemical formula of hydrochloric acid HCl
A metal used for cables because of its high conductivity and flexibility COPPER
Is copper chloride an element or a compound? a compound (the clue is in the fact that there are 2 words!)
How is Iron extracted from its ore (Iron Oxide)? by heating Iron Oxide with Carbon in a blast furnace
How is Aluminium extracted from its ore (Aluminium Oxide)? by electrolysis of Aluminium Oxide (ie splitting Aluminium Oxide into Aluminium and Oxygen using a direct current)
Why is Iron extracted by heating Iron Oxide with Carbon in a blast furnace when Aluminium extracted from its ore by electrolysis of Aluminium Oxide? because Iron is less reactive than CARBON so CARBON can steal the Oxygen away from Iron Oxide
Complete the word equation: Aluminium + Iron Oxide  Iron + Aluminium Oxide
Write the word equation for the reaction between Magnesium and Copper Sulfate Magnesium + Copper Sulfate Magnesium Sulfate + Copper
What would happen if copper powder was heated with iron oxide? Nothing! Because Iron is more reactive than copper so copper will not be able to steal the oxygen away!
Zinc powder burns in air. Write the word equation for the reaction. Zinc+OxygenZinc Oxide
The result of reacting HOT acid with potassium or any other alkali metal AN EXPLOSION
The test for the gas hydrogen POPS WITH A LIT SPLINT
The gas made when a metal reacts with an acid Hydrogen
The gas made when an alkali metal reacts with water Hydrogen
The name of the salt made when Calcium reacts with Hydrochloric Acid Calcium Chloride (look at the first words!)
The name of the salt made when Zinc reacts with Sulfuric Acid Zinc Sulfate (look at the first words!)
The name of the salt made when Iron reacts with Nitric Acid Iron Nitrate (look at the first words!)
The two chemicals made when Iron reacts with Copper Sulphate Copper and Iron Sulfate
What colour will show when Iron reacts with Copper Sulphate, and why? Orange, the colour of the copper that has been formed
What are the two chemicals needed for Iron to rust? Water and Oxygen
Why is there no reaction between Copper and Iron Sulfate? Copper is less reactive than Iron, so copper can not take away the sulfate
Magnesium reacts with Zinc Sulfate but Silver does not react with Zinc Sulphate. Order the 3 metals (most reactive first) Magnesium>Zinc>Silver
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