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7 Energy

Energy keywords

The kind of energy stored in food, fuels and cells (batteries) chemical energy
A fossil fuel made from the remains of plants. coal
The kind of energy carried by wires. electrical energy
Coal, oil and natural gas are... fossil fuels
Anything that stores energy that can be converted into heat energy fuel
The kind of energy in moving things. kinetic energy
The idea that energy can never be created or destroyed, only changed from one form of energy into another. law of conservation of energy
The kind of energy given out by bulbs, candles, etc. light energy
Fossil fuel formed from the remains of dead plants and animals that lived in the sea. natural gas
Energy stored inside the particles that things are made out of. nuclear energy
Fossil fuel formed from the remains of dead plants and animals that lived in the sea. oil
The kind of energy made by anything that is making a noise. sound energy
A fuel used in nuclear power stations. uranium
Any energy resource that will run out and we cannot renew our supplies of it (e.g. oil). Non-renewable energy source
Any fuel that comes from plants, animals, or their wastes biomass
Large coil of wire with a magnet inside. When the magnet is turned, electricity is produced in the coil of wire. generator
Making electricity using heat from hot rocks underground. geothermal power
Making electricity by letting falling water (usually from a reservoir) turn turbines and generators. hydroelectric power
Dangerous particles and energy given off by uranium and other radioactive materials. radiation
An energy resource that will never run out (e.g. solar power). renewable energy source
Flat plates that use the Sun's energy to heat water. solar panels
Making electricity by using light or heat energy from the Sun. solar power
The machine in a power station that is pushed round by water or steam and turns the generator. turbine
A kind of windmill that generates electricity using energy from the wind. wind turbine
The unit for measuring energy. joule (J)
A flow of liquid or gas caused by part of it being heated or cooled more than the rest. convection current
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