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XU Organic Vocab 3

words 581-620

tawdry Cheap looking; shoddy; vulgar
effulgence radience; splendor; brightness; shining
egregious noticeably bad; flagrant
elicit to draw forth or call forth; to evoke; to educe
topography the surface features of land; the art and science of representing such on a map.
torpor dullness; sluggishness; apathy; stupor.
torque a force that rotates and twists or wrenches.
elucidation explanation; clarification
prequisite required beforehand in conjunctation with something to follow; anything so required.
dally to waste time; to loiter; to play or trifle with; to playfully show affection.
cryptic difficult to understanding; puzzling; mystifying secret.
amity friendship; good will.
dastardly mean; base; cowardly.
infirm ill; feebly; irresolute.
inegenious inventive; resourceful; clever; made or done in such a manner.
inherent part of the essential character of; established within; inborn.
inhibition a self imposed inner restraint; that which blocks or restrains; a restraining or inhibiting.
inimical Like an enemy; hostile; unfriendly; opposing.
inimitable not able to be imitated; unequaled; unparralled; unique.
innate coming naturally from within; inborn; natural.
innocuous harmless; without harmful effect or qualities.
dearth scarcity; lack
debacle a sudden and utter breakdown; an overwhelming and ruinous turn of events; a rout; a calamity.
debility weakness; loss of strenght; infirmity.
debonair pleasant and gracious; refined; suave; urbane.
couch to put into words; to express appropiately; to phrasr; a piece of furnature - a sofa.
convert secret; hidden; undercover.
cowers shrinks away from in fear; cringes.
innovation something new; a recent invention; the act or process of creating or introducing new things or ideas.
decadence a process, condition or time of cultural or moral decline; deterioration; decay.
deciduous shedding or falling off seasonally.
decimate to destroy or kill a large number; literally; to kill one out of every ten.
increment an increase or addition; the amount of increase.
euphony the quality of pleasantness in sound; pleasant sound.
evanescent tending to fade like vapor; vaporous; ephemeral.
crass Unrefined; common; vulgar.
craven cowardly
exerpt to seledt of take out from; to extract; a passage taken out of a book, article, etc.
exemplary setting an example; admirable; commendable.
exigency a problem or situation requiring immediate attention; a state of urgency.
Created by: Khristalin