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In health insurance insurable interest must exist at? inception A! In health insurance, insurable interest must only exist at the time a policy first goes into force, known as inception
Jo has a policy that requires that he meet certain conditions in order for the contract to be enforceable. J has a(an): Unilateral Contract: When one party has to perform legally in a contract, it is a unilateral contract right.
Guaranteed Insurability Rider allows the insured to buy more coverage at future dates without proving insurability, based on attained age rate. ** Conditionally Renewable A Conditionally Renewable renewability right allows the insurer to decline renewal only based off of specific conditions that are defined in the policy
Which policy rider would offer an insured the option to increase their benefits of the original policy? Guaranteed Insurability Rider **
Jo has a major medical policy and was in a horrific car accident. After 4 months in the hospital K is released but is paralyzed from the neck down. Considering Jo's circumstances, what is the maximum time the insurer will require Proof of Loss? Since Jo's loss is so catastrophic, proof of loss provision states that while forms should be sent back to the insurer within 90 days of the loss,*up to ONE YEAR* in the case where an insured is legally incapacitated
G works for a company that only has 18 employees and receives group insurance. G has decided to look for a new job, but wants to convert her policy while she searches for a new job. How much time does G have to convert her policy? 31 days: For groups that have less than 20 employees, the individual has 31 days to convert from a group to an individual policy.
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