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turkish chapter one

adam man;person
ağabey older brother
allah god
allaha ısmarladık goodbye
ama but.whereas.yet
anne mother
ayakkabı shoe
baba father
bak- to look at, to take care of
bardak cup, glass
benim my, mine
bina building
bunlar these
çiçek flower
da,de too,also,as well
defter notebook
değil not
dergi journal,magazine
doğru toward,correct
efendi gentlemen
et- do,make
evlat child,son
fena bad
gerek necessary,needed
git- go,leave
göz eye
gözlük eyeglasses
güçlü strong,powerful
haber news,information
haydi come,ok
hayır no
hoca teacher,master
hoş fine,pleasant
hoşça pleasantly,well
ile and,with,by
işçi worker
kadın woman
kalabalık crowded
kardeş sibling
kız woman
kusur fault,defect
kuş bird
masa table
memnuniyet pleasure,satisfaction
merhaba hi
müsaade permission
ol- be,become,happen,occur
onlar those,they
otobüs bus
özür apology,excuse
özür dile- to apologize
pek very(much)
rahatlık rest,comfort
resim picture,drawing,photograph
saat hour,clock,watch
sağ right(direction)
sağlık health
senden from you
senin your
sizi you
soğuk cold
su water,juice
süt milk
şunlar those
tabii of course
tekrar et- repeat
teyze aunt(maternal)
var there is,are
ver- give
yeni new
yolculuk journey,trip
yorgun tired
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