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Operation Key Words

clues for + -, x, /

plus addition
sum addition
total addition
added to addition
in all addition
all together addition (sometimes multiplication)
combined addition
how many all together addition
how many in all addition
how much all together addition
increase addition..... You can INCREASE the time allowed to play video games if you do your homework cheerfully.
increased by addition-----You INCREASED your time playing video games BY 30 minutes because you did your homework cheerfully.
minus subtraction
difference subtraction-----DIFFERENCE is the answer to a subtraction problem. What is the DIFFERENCE between 31 and 7.
change ($$...money) subtraction ----- CHANGE is the amount of money you get back after you have paid for your items. $20 - $10 = change you got back.
taken way subtraction
take away subtraction
have left subtraction
less subtraction
save subtraction-----I have $92, and I want to SAVE $10 to buy a bike. $92-$10= $82 left to spend
dropped subtraction-----I carried 13 books and DROPPED 3 of them. Those 3 were not on the stack so they were subtracted. 13-3=10
how MANY are left? subtraction
how MANY more subtraction
how MANY remain subtraction--- REMAIN means how many are still left. If there are 10 people and 3 people loaded the bus and went home, how many people REMAIN?
how MANY fewer subtraction---Fewer means "less"
how MUCH less subtraction
how MUCH more subtraction
decrease subtraction---- Ron had to DECREASE the time allowed to play video games because he did not do his homework cheerfully.
decreased by subtraction----My parents REDUCED the time I could play video games BY 30 minutes because I did not do my homework cheerfully.
product multiplication----ANSWER to a multiplication problem. What is the PRODUCT of 12x2? The PRODUCT of 12x2 is 24.
times multiplication----Jane ran 4 TIMES as fast as Julie. Julie ran 6 miles. How fast did Jane run?
of multiplication
twice multiplication (mult. by 2)------------------ Kollin usually plays video games for 30 minutes. His parents let him play TWICE as long today. How long did he play? 30x2=60 min.
double MULTIPLICATION (mult. by 2)---also ADDITION "double" is the same as "twice". [3x2 or 3+3] [6x2 or 6+6] , [4x2 or 4+4]
triple MULTIPLICATION (mult. by 3) ---------------- Kyle's score was triple as much as Joel's score. Joel had 6 points. 6x3= Kyle's score
quotient division-----answer to a division problem
per division and multiplication------------------- division: miles PER hour...................... multiplication: 3 cupcakes PER child and there are 4 children. How many cupcakes? 3x4=12
half division (div. by 2) ----Half means a large piece of candy separated into 2 equal parts. fraction: 1/2 piece and 1/2 piece
third division (div. by 3)------Third means one large piece of candy separated into 3 equal parts. fraction = 1/3+ 1/3 +1/3
divided by division---------------------- 25 DIVIDED BY 5 = 5
divided into division-----------------Same as "goes into" ....9 is divided into 81=?????
evenly division Cut a candy bar EVENLY...equal pieces for your friends.
share division
reduced by subtraction If you reduce a number it gives you a smaller number...... When 15 is REDUCED BY 6 you get 9. 15-6=9
shrinks subtraction
product of multiplication 25 is the PRODUCT of 5x5
divisor division The number that divides a large number into equal parts. (It is the number to the left side of the division box)
each multiplication and division
every multiplication and division
same multiplication and division
lower subtraction The temperature is 3 degrees lower than it was at noon.
split division Cut candy parts
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