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Global Warming

etc etc

Name three greenhouse gases carbon dioxide, methane and water vapour
How is carbon dioxide produced naturally? volcanic eruptions,respiration of animals and burning organic matter
How does man produce carbon dioxide? burning fossil fuels
How does man produce methane rice paddies and cows
Where does water vapour come from water cycle and industrial processes
How do greenhouse gases work? absorb radiation in their bonds creating a vibrating molecule
What is the global warming potential? abiltiy to cause GW lifetime in our atmosphere ability to absorb radiation
Indicators of GW melting of the polar ice caps, tropical areas are experiencing more frequent storms and floods, glaciers disappearing, extreme heatwaves
Consequences of GW drought conditions, river flooding, storms and hurricanes, sea ice melting, thermal expansion, longer growing seasons
What is the Kypoto Protocol? Earth Summit 1992, 100+ countries signed in 1997 (not the USA) reduce emissions by 5% by 2012
What is the EU's strategy? 202020 vision, emissions reduced by 20%, 20% of energy will be renewable. 2007
What alternative fuels are there to carbon. HEP, wind, solar, nuclear
What is carbon capture and storage? Storing underground in empty gas fields or reacting Co2 with metal oxides to form carbonates
Created by: 07blandforderin