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Cells and Tissue Rev

Review sheet for cells and tissue test and tissue labeling

Tissue an organized group of cells that preform a common function
pseduostratified ciliated eipthelial tissue lines the respiratory tract
filtration membrane transport process occurring at kidneys
osseous (bone) forms your hip bone
stratified squamous epithelium suited for areas that receive alot of friction
explode What happens to a red blood cell in a hypotonic solution
adipose (fat) serves as an energy reserve
ribosomes site of protein synthesis
plasma membrane surrounds the cell
mitochondria energy producer of the cell
epithelial tissue important in filtration, secretion and absorption
Connective tissue composed mostly of nonliving extracellar matrix important in protection and support
Nervous tissue enables us to be aware of the environment and respond to it.
epithelial tissue lines body cavities, has one surface attached and one surfaced free
golgi body assembles and packages materials to be secreted by the cell
lysosomes sac of digestive enzymes
rough endoplasmic reticulum membrane studded with ribosomes
muscle tissue responsible for all types of body movement
areolar soft packaging tissue with a soft fluid maxtrix
Created by: TeresaGentry