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Chemistry Test 4

Chapters 13-16; Labs 7,8

1. Children should lose weight by fasting. False
2. Fasting causes your body to accumulate fat during times when food is available. True
3. Bodies use food molecules for generating energy for activities and for keeping itself warm. True
4. A person should always eat anytime he/she feels hungry. False
5. There are bacteria that can use petroleum for fuel aka food. True
6. The best way to lose weight is to eat less and exercise. True
7. To lose weight we will probably have to be hungry sometimes. True
8. Describe an alkane compound. A carbon chain consisting of only single bonds.
9. Describe an alkene compound . A carbon chain having at least one double bond.
10. Describe an alkyne compound. A carbon chain having at least one triple bond.
11. Describe an aliphatic compound. A straight carbon chain with at least one side chain.
12. Describe a cycloaliphatic compound. A carbon chain in the form of a ring.
13-17. Place the following petroleum fractions in the correct order in which they boil off from crude oil. The last one does not boil off at all. 1.Gasoline 2.Kerosene 3.Diesel Fuel 4.Motor Oil 5.Asphalt
18. Natural gas is gas that comes out of wells at a petroleum field that is used in homes for fuel. It is composed of mostly: Methane
19. What comes from petroleum? Petrolatum and Paraffin
20_1. Is this equation balanced or not balanced? Balanced
20_2. Is this equation balanced or not balanced? Not Balanced
20_3. Is this equation balanced or not balanced? Balanced
20_4. Is this equation balanced or not balanced? Balanced
21. Automobiles have a device called a_______________ ___________________ that improves the efficiency of fuel burning. Catalytic Converter
22. The main dangerous gas that is removed by the device in the previous question is called what? Carbon Monoxide
23. There are always two products from an efficient fueling reaction. What are they? Carbon Dioxide and Water
24. Name two kinds of molecules people use for fuel. Fats aka Lipids and Sugars aka Carbohydrates
Created by: jeni25