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GrudgeBall Thermal E

GrudgeBall Question Set Thermal Energy

Evaporation takes place when matter changes from a a. solid to a liquid. b. solid to a gas. c. liquid to a gas. d. gas to a liquid. e. gas to a solid. C 1 Point
Condensation occurs when matter changes from a. gas to a liquid. b. solid to a gas. c. solid to a liquid. d. liquid to a gas. e. gas to a solid. A 1 Point
When water freezes, it a. absorbs energy. b. gives off energy. c. neither gives off nor absorbs energy. B 1 Point
An air sample contains 25% of the amount of water vapor it is capable of holding. The air's relative humidity is a. 25%. b. 50%. c. 75%. d. 125%. e. none of the above A 1 Point
Plastic foam is a good heat a. conductor. b. insulator. c. emitter. d. absorber. e. radiator. B 1 Point
Heat travels from the sun to Earth by a. conduction. b. radiation. c. convection. d. insulation. e. vacuumization. B 1 Point
The reason light-colored clothes help keep you cool in warm weather is that clothes of light color a. weigh less. b. have a lot of spaces in them. c. reflect a lot of energy. d. absorb energy, leaving little to pass through. e. all of the above C 1 Point
Temperature is related mostly to the _____. a. average molecular kinetic energy in a substance b. total kinetic energy in something c. average energy in a substance d. total energy in something e. average kinetic energy of an object A 1 Point
Which temperature scale labels the freezing point of water at 0 degrees? a. Celsius b. Caloric c. Kelvin d. Fahrenheit A 1 Point
Heat is the _____. a. average amount of energy per molecule contained in an object b. total amount of energy contained in an object c. energy transferred between objects because of a temperature difference d. amount of energy all the molecules have C 1 Point
Heat is measured in _____. a. kilocalories b. joules c. calories d. all of the above e. none of the above D 1 Point
Specific heat capacity is related to the amount of internal energy _____. a. transferred by one molecule b. one molecule contains c. a specific object has d. needed to change the temperature of one gram of a substance one degree D 1 Point
The fact that desert sand is very hot in the day and very cold at night is evidence that sand has a _____. a. low specific heat capacity b. high specific heat capacity A 1 Point
A bimetallic strip will bend when heated because _____. a. metals bend when heated b. each metal expands at different rates c. each side of the strip is at a different temperature d. metals contract when heated e. all of the above B 1 Point
Which is denser, ice at 0 degrees C or water at 4 degrees C? a. The water b. The ice c. They both have the same density. A 1 Point
The first law of thermodynamics is a restatement of the a. Carnot cycle. b. law of heat addition. c. principle of entropy. d. conservation of energy. e. none of the above D 2 Points
When mechanical work is done on a system, there can be an increase in its a. temperature. b. internal energy. c. both of the above d. none of the above C 2 Points
When a volume of air is compressed and no heat enters or leaves, the air temperature will a. increase. b. remain unchanged. c. decrease. A 2 Points
As a system becomes more disordered, entropy a. remains the same. b. decreases. c. increases. C 1 Point
The process of changing from a liquid to a gas is condensation. T or F F 1 Point
Heat transfer by means of electrons colliding with other electrons in a metal is convection. T or F F 1 Point
The average kinetic energy of molecules in a substance is related to temperature. T or F T 1 Point
Heat is the energy that moves from one object to another because of a temperature difference. T or F T 1 Point
Systems left alone tend to move to a state of greater entropy. T 1 Point
Take a shower in a steamy bathroom then walk to a bedroom and you feel colder. Explain this using the following terms: evaporation, condensation, saturated. 2 Points
Conduction in metals occurs when: a. atoms give off heat through electromagnetic waves b. large numbers of atoms move from place to place c. waves travel from one place to another through a vacuum d. electrons bump into atoms and other electrons D 1 Point
Convection occurs when: a. waves travel from one place to another through a vacuum b. electrons bump into other electrons c. atoms give off heat in the form of waves d. large numbers of atoms move from place to place D 1 Point
Metal feels colder than wood at the same temperature. Explain this. 2 Points
The Change of phase from a liquid to a gas that takes place at the surface of a liquid is called a. condensation b. thermodynamics c. evaporation d. boiling C 1 Point
Which law states that heat will never flow from cold to hot objects? a.) first law of thermodynamics b.) Newton's law of Cooling c.) second law of thermodynamics d.) Newton's First Law C 1 Point
Created by: BaldingCypress
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