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7 Koinobori

Vocabulary,history, and techniques for creating the Koinobori Fish.

What holiday that we studied takes place in Japan? Children's Day
What is the purpose of Children's Day? To celebrate the healthy growth of children.
When is Children's Day celebrated? May 5th of every year.
What was Children’s Day originally called? Boy’s Day
What three items are used to celebrate Children’s Day? Koinobori, Kintaro Dolls, and Samari helmets.
What animal is a Koinobori meant to represent? A carp or a Koi fish
What other special activities are done during the holiday of Children’s Day? Families take baths sprinkled with iris leaves, children participate in plays, the Kid Olympics are held, and children thank those who care for them.
Printmaking has the ability to __________. Make multiple copies of two-dimensional artwork.
A print that works like a rubber stamp is a ___________? Relief Print
_________ is the surface in which a printmaker carves an image. Plate
What is the purpose of a crayon rubbing? To reveal the texture of a surface onto a piece of paper.
What does a Koinobori symbolize? Determination and vigor since a Koi fish overcomes many obstacles to swim upstream in the river.
What does the different sizes of Koinoboris represent? The large ones are for mothers and fathers while the smaller ones are for children.
Who is Kinataro, the figurine displayed during Children's day? A Japanese folk hero. He was a child with super human strength!
What kind of art, which we studied in this project, was created in Japan and China? Printmaking
What do the Samurai helmets represent during Children's Day? Strength and bravery.
What special foods are eaten during Children's Day? Mochi and Chimaki
What is mochi? A rice cake filled with sweet bean paste and wrapped in an oak leaf.
What is Chimaki Sticky rice wrapped in a bamboo leave with no sweet bean paste.
The Koinobori appear to be __________ when they are blowing through the air on Children's Day. Swimming
These are sharp tools used to carve images into linoleum plates during printmaking. Gouges
This is a device secured to a table to stabilize your linoleum during the carving process. Bench hook
This is a rubber roller used for inking in the printmaking process. Brayer
What were 3 painting tips that we discussed to help your scale details look better? Twist and drag the brush in the paint to make the bristles pointed, add water to your paint if it gets thick, and use Q-tips for making dots.
What are some qualities of a good print? Paint is solid, print is clear, and print is straight on the paper.
Created by: mhighfield