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Chp 8 Math Vocab

Geometric mean between two numbers is the positive square root of there product
Pythagorean triple a set of 3 non zero whole numbers a,d,c as in a2 + b2=c2
trigonometry the study of the properties of triangle and trigonmic functions and their applications
trigonometric ratio a ratio of the lengths of sides of a right triangle
sin ratio of the opposite leg from
cosine ratio of adjacent leg of
Tangent ratio of opposite leg of
Cosecant recipricol of sin so C over A
secant recipricol of cosine so C over B
cotangent recipricol of tangent so B over A
angle of elevation the angle formed by a horizontal line and an observers line of sight to an object above the horizontal line
angle of depression is the angle formed by a horizontal line and an object below the horizontal line
Law of Sines can be used to find missing measures in a non right triangle
Law od Cosines to solve a triangle if you know the measures of two sides and the included angle (SAS)
vector a quantity that has both magnitude and direction
Magnitude is the length of the vector from initial point to its terminal point
direction is the angle madde with the position x-axis, or any other horizontal line
standard position when it has it intial point at the origin
component form described in terms of its horizontal change x and vertical change y from its intial point to its terminal point
Geometric Mean (Altiude) Thm the altitude the separates the hypo into two different sections and the geometric mean between lengths tree
geometric mean (leg) thm the altitude seprates the hypo into two parts and legs can be found by the geometric mean of the length of the hypo and the segment of the hypo adjacent to that leg
Pythag thm in a right triangle the sum of the squares of the legs is equal to the squared length of the hypo
converse of pythag if the sum t=of the two legs equal the hypo squared its a right triangle
45, -45, -90 in a 45, -45, 90 triangle the legs are congruent and the length of the hypo is 2 square root of length of a leg
30, -60, -90, the length of the hypo is 2 times the length of the shortest leg and the longest leg it 3 square root times the length of the shortest
law of sines thm If triangle has lengths abc represent the lengths of the sides opposite of angles sin A over a sin B over b din C over c
Law of cosines thm a2 = b2+c2-2bc cos A b2= a2+c2 -2ac cos B c2= a2+b2 - 2ab cos C
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