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Roll of Thunder (2)

Vocabulary words from Chapter 2

scoffed to laugh at and talk about someone or something in a way that shows disapproval and a lack of respect
fibrous containing, made of, or resembling fibers
bale a large amount of a material (such as hay or wool) that is pressed together tightly and often tied or wrapped
sinewy tough and difficult to cut or chew: having strong and lean muscles
fluid capable or flowing freely like water; used to describe something that can change easily or that changes often
formidable very difficult to deal with; large or impressive in size or amount
massive a large amount or degree; very severe
ebony a hard,heavy wood that comes from tropical trees; a very dark or black color
ornate covered with decorations; using many fancy words
chiffonier a high chest of drawers having a mirror on top; a low bookcase
Created by: portee5