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3rd 9wks root words

3rd 9wks roots words- Margaret Russo

ab away from, out from
ad near, toward
af near, toward
aero air
amphi both
-ase enzyme
aster star
astr star
aden gland
ameb change
brachi arm
brev short
capil hair
carcin cancer
carn flesh, meat
card heart
co with, together
con with, together
com with, together
chron time
dis apart, ill, bad
dys apart, ill, bad
dia through
per through
dorm sleep
dendr tree
enchino spiny
-elle small
eu true, modern
gastro stomach
hapl single
hemo blood
hepato liver
homo same
-itis inflammation of
kary nucleus
kin motion
lac milk
neo new
neph kidney
renal kidney
neuro nerve
oligo few
omni all
ortho straight
-osis act, condition of
osteo bone
path disease
phag eating
phil love
pheno to show
pulmo lung
sect to cut
-stasis remain constant
syn binding together
sym binding together
trop turn
viv living
zyg united
Created by: MargaretRusso



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