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Chemistry Test 1

Chapters 1-4; Labs 1,2

Evaporation is the process that converts water vapor to liquid water t or f? false
The opposite of evaporation is constipation t or f? false
Mass is a measure of an amount of matter t or f? true
Atomic masses are measured in AMB (atomic mass bundles)t or f? false
Grams are a measure of liquid volume t or f? false
All liquids freeze at the same temperature t or f? false
One milliliter (ml) is the same as one cubic centimeter (cm3 )t or f? true
Aluminum is more dense than iron t or f? false
atom is what? smallest stable form of matter, all matter is made up of them
proton is what? particle in an atom carrying a positive electric charge
electron is what? particle in an atom carrying a negative electric charge
element is what? a pure substance consisting of only one kind of atom
molecule are what? pure substance combining two or more bound atoms
compound is what? a pure substance combining two or more atoms of different kinds
solid is what? tight molecules, little motion, strong attractions among molecules
liquid are close what? molecules, fluid motion, neither strong nor weak attractions
gas is what distant molecules, free motion, little attraction among molecules
semi-solid is neither what? as stiff as a solid nor as fluid as a liquid
The value, 6.02 × 1023, is what? Avogadro’s number and also the number of atoms of any element in one gram-atomic-mass of that element
The density of any substance is correctly calculated as what? mass/volume
The usual units of density are what? g/ml or g/cm3
Archimedes principle states what? That a floating object displaces its mass in liquid a sinking object displaces its volume in liquid
What is the normal boiling point of water in ºC? 100
What is the normal boiling point of water in ºF? 212
What is the freezing point of water in ºC? 0
What is the freezing point of water in ºF? 32
Hot gas that results from boiling water is called what? steam
Changes of a substance from solid to liquid,liquid to gas or any of the changes in reverse are called changes of what? phase
Created by: jeni25