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ch. 11 vocab (ss)

president harding was the president that was killed
tea pot dome scandle an episode caused by the secretary of the interior of albert b falls leasing of oil rich public land to privet companies for money and land
president coolidge was the step in president that took hardings place
laissez faire a theory that stated the business, if unregulated, would act in a way that would benefit the nation
isolationist a person that believed in the united states should stay out of other nations affairs except in self defense
kellogg briand pact this pact, or treaty, was signed by 15 nations who pledged not to make war against one another except in self defense
assembly line the product moves across a conveyor belt across the factory
installment to buy something by making small monthly payments
henry ford created the assembly line
"ohio gang" a gang that was in ohio that did not follow the rules
prohibitation the ban on the manufacture and sale of alcohol
fundamentalist a person that believes in a literal or word for word interpretation of the bible
evolution the change in the inherited characteristics of biological populations over successive generations
louis armstrong a musician who played the trumpet and who spread new orleans jazz to the north
charles a lindberg the first person to fly nonstop across the atlantic ocean alone
f scott fitzgerald wrote my most famous novel "the great gatsby"
helen willis a famous womans tennis player of the 1920s
duke ellington a jazz painist and composer who often playedat the country club in harlem
langston hughes the most famous writer of the harlem renenaissance
charlie chaplin the most popular movie star during the 1920s
gertrude ederle the first woman to swim the english channel
amelia earheart the first woman to fly nonstop across the atlantic
babe ruth baseballs top home run hitter in the 1920s
ernest hemingway i do not know the def for this one
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