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Rosenstrasse vokab

woerter ueber den Film Rosenstrasse

durchdrehen to panic, go crazy, lose control
eifersüchtig jealous
das Geheimnis secret, mystery
retten to save, rescue
die Schiwa/Schiwe shiva (seven-day period mourning with detailed instructions about conduct)
die Vergangenheit past, background
verzeihen to forgive
der Abschied farewell, goodbye
die Adelsfamilie nobility, noble family
die Ausreise departure, exit
auswandern to emigrate, leave a country
benachrichtigen to inform, notify
demütigend humiliating, mortifying
der Flügel grand piano
der/die Geiger(in), die Geige violinist/violin
die jüdische Gemeinde Jewish congregation
das jüdische Wohlfahrtsamt Jewisch welfare center, center for the social welfare and benefit of Jews
mager gaunt, thin
das Mitgefühl compassion, sympathy
die Schande scandal, disgrace
sich scheiden lassen to divorce
im Stich lassen to let someone down or fail someone, to abandon
schützen to protect, shelter
die Synagoge synagogue
die Treue loyalty, faithfulness
die Tugend virtue, goodness
überzeugen to convince, persuade
vernünftig reasonable, rational, sensible, level-headed
sich versammeln to convene, gather, congregate
der Zwangsarbeiter forced laborer
abtransportieren to remove, cart away, evacuate
die Arierin, der Arier Aryan, people of non-Jewish Caucasian descent according to Nazi ideology
einseperren to imprison, lock up, confine
die Geheime Staatspolizei (die Gestapo) official secret police of Nazi Germany
der Hauptsturmführer Nazi rank of the Schutzstaffel (SS) or "protective squadron"
die Mischehe mixed marriage, intermarriage between Jews and non-Jews
das Reichssicherheitshauptamt Reich security main office, subordinate organization of the SS
das Sammellager detention camp, temporary holding for Jews before deportation
das Vernichtungslager extermination camp where Jews and other victims were killed
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