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Feed Nutrients


Energy includes Primarily Carbohydrates and fats, but include protein
Feed can be separated into 2 parts 1)losses that occur in digestion metabolism 2)that which is available to the animal for maintenance and production
Fat is about _____ times the energy from carbohydrates. 2.25
Typical diets usually contain no more than ___ percent in the DM.(daily matter) 4
ADF (Acid Detergent Fiber) consists of these 4 things 1)Cellulose 2) Lignin 3) Lignified Nitrogen Compounds 4) Insoluble Ash
Carbohydrates are the _____ source of energy in a dairy cows diet. Major
What are the 3 major categories of carbohydrates in feeds 1) simple sugar 2) storage carbohydrates (starch) 3) structural carbohydrates or fiber
Protein is essential for maintenance, growth, and milk production
Energy value is expressed in Calories
Gross Energy is Total energy in feed
Where are sugars found cells of growing plants and molasses
Starch is the main component of Grains
NDF(Neutral Detergent Fiber) consists of ADF plus hemicellulose
Why would you add fat to the diets of adults ruminants to increase energy density and to reduce feed dustiness
The protein requirements of dairy cows is really a requirement for what Amino acids for the animals tissues
What kind of functions do minerals have structural and regulatory
What are needed for bone and teeth formation, hormone actions, enzyme activation, and water balance Minerals
What is the largest nutrients required by dairy cattle Water
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