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4th Grade Math Vocabulary

certain an event that will definitely happen, an event with a probability of 1
common denominator any number, except zero, that is a multiple of the denominators of two or more fractions
congruent having the same shape and size
convert to change something into a different form of properties
coordinate an ordered pair of numbers that give the location of a point in a coordinate grid
decimal a dot separating the ones and tenths places in a decimal number
equally likely having the same chance, or probability
equivalent having the same value
factor an integer that divides equally into another
formula a general equation or rule
grid a pattern of horizontal and vertical lines, usually forming squares
hexagon a polygon with six sides
hundredths the value of a digit two places to the right of the decimal
impossible an event with a probability of zero
inequality the mathematical sentence that compares two unequal expressions using on of the symbols < or >
least likely very low probability
less likely a less (diminished) chance of happening
likely probably or apparently destined
median when numbers are arranged from least to greatest, the middle number of a set of numbers, or the mean of two middle numbers when the set has two middle numbers
mode the number that appears most frequently in a set of numbers (there may be one, more than one, or none present)
more likely an increased chance of happening
most likely the greatest chance of happening
multiple the product of a whole number and any other whole number
mixed number a number with an integer and fraction part or a number with an integer part and a decimal part
octagon an eight sided polygon
ordered pair a pair of numbers that gives the coordinates of a point on a grid in this order--horizontal coordinate, vertical coordinate (x,y)
pentagon a polygon with five sides
polygon a closed plane figure formed from line segments that meet only at their endpoints
possible has a chance of happening
probability the chance of an event occurring
quotient the result of division
remainder in whole number division, when you have divided as far as you can without using decimals, what has not yet been divided
simplify combine like terms and apply properties to an expression to make computation easier
tenths value of a digit one place to the right of the decimal
uncertain lacking or indicating lack of confidence or assurance
unlikely not likely to happen
Created by: tcarstens
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