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KS3 elementcompound

KS3 elements and compounds

What is an element? A substance that cannot be split up into anything simpler by chemical reactions
How many elements do we know about? 117 elements—90 of which are found naturally.
What is the proper name for the particles in a substance? Atoms
What is the periodic table? A table showing all the elements in order of atomic mass
Why is Demitri Mendeleev famous? He left spaces in his Periodic Table so that new elements (then undiscovered) would fit in
Name two elements that are gases at 20oC Oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen,helium,
Name two elements that are liquids at 20oC Bromine, mercury
What does brittle mean? Substances that shatter when broken.
Describe two tests you could carry out to find out if a substance is a metal or non metal Testing electrical conductivity, hit it with a hammer
Name one use of chlorine. Kill bacteria in swimming pools, bleach recycled paper.
What is a compound? Two or more elements chemically joined together
What is a molecule? Two or more atoms joined together
How can you show the number of atoms in a compound? By using a chemical formulae
Complete the word equation: Iron + oxygen Iron oxide
Complete the word equation: Magnesium + chlorine Magnesium chloride
What is the formula of water? H2O
What elements and how many atoms of each element is there in water 2 hydrogen, 1 oxygen
Q20 H2SO4 What are the elements in this compound and how many atoms of each? 2 hydrogen atoms, 1 sulphur atom and 4 oxygen atoms
What is the symbol for Iron? Fe
Describe how to make magnesium oxide heat magnesium ribbon in a flame.
Name one metallic that is magnetic Iron, nickel, cobalt (steel is not an element; it is a mixture!)
Name the non metal that conducts electricity Carbon (graphite—pencil lead)
When solid iodine is heated it changes to a gas—what is this change called? Sublimation
What element has the symbol Na? Sodium
What are the symbols for silver and gold? Au = gold; Ag = silver
Describe the atoms in an element All the atoms are the same in an element
Describe the atoms in a mixture There are two or more different atoms mixed together but not joined
The columns down in the periodic table are called.. Groups
The rows across the periodic table are called... Periods
Describe 2 properties of metals. Conduct heat, conduct electricity,malleable, ductile, shiny, flexible, (most are) solids at room temperature
Describe 2 properties of non metals. Heat and electrical insulators, brittle, gases or liquid at room temperature, melt easily.
Explain why the case of a plug is made of plastic but the pins are made of metal. Plastic is insulator so you do not get a shock, metal is conductor so you get electricity.
What is the word equation for making water? Hydrogen + oxygen —> hydrogen oxide (water)
When magnesium is burned -what compound is formed and how does the mass change? Magnesium oxide is formed and the mass increases
What is the symbol for Calcium in Spanish? Ca - it is the same whatever language you speak
What elements and how many of the atoms are in the compound C6H5OH? 6 Carbon, 6 hydrogen and 1 oxygen
What does malleable mean? It can be easily shaped
How many atoms are in the compound CaCO3? 1Calcium atom, 1 Carbon atom and 4 Oxygen.atoms
Which one is the odd one out? Ne, S, He and Ar? S because it is not a Noble Gas
How many arms (outer electrons) does boron have? 3
Which one is the odd one out? Sodium, Lithium, Oxygen, Iron? Oxygen: the only non-metal.
How many arms (outer electrons) does Sodium and Potassium have? 1
What is the compound formed when you react calcium and chlorine? Calcium chloride
What is the 3 elements in Na2SO4? 2 Sodium, 1 sulphur and 4 oxygen
What is the formula for magnesium oxide? MgO
Describe particles in an element? Elements are made of only one type of atom.
What do B- Boron and C- Carbon have to do with each other on the Periodic Table? They are on the same Period.
Why is Mercury an unusual metal?? It is liquid at room temperature, when the other metals are solid
What is a compound? 2 elements stuck together
What is the difference between Potassium and Chlorine? Potassium is Metal and Chlorine isn’t.
What is the difference between metallic elements and non-metallic elements Metals conduct heat and non-metallic don’t.
How is Carbon-Dioxide made? And what type of particle is it? Explain why. When carbon burns in the presence of oxygen it will create Carbon-Dioxide in the air, in the form of a gas. It is a compound because it is 2 elements stuck together.
what r is a chemical that you start with in a chemical reaction? reactant
what p is what is made in a chemical reaction? product
Why are helium, neon and argon placed in the same group? they are noble gases and cannot combine with any other elements
What is the difference between atoms and elements? an element is a basic substance which can’t be simplified and an atom is the smallest part of an element
What is the word equation for the combustion (burning) of Magnesium Magnesium + Oxygen Magnesium Oxide (MgO)
When you react Na (sodium) and O (oxygen) what compound do you get? Sodium oxide
When 2 or more elements join together, what do you create? A compound
What is similar between Radon and Xenon? they are both Noble Gases, they are unreactive.
What type of element is found on the left hand side of the Periodic table? Metal
Explain why Oxygen is a gas There are weak forces between Oxygen molecules.
What is the difference between Chlorine and Bromine? Chlorine is a gas at room temperature and Bromine is a liquid.
What compound is formed when you add Magnesium and Oxygen together? it becomes Magnesium Oxide.
What are 2 common things between Xenon and Chlorine? they are both gases, they are non-metals.
How many arms (outer electrons) does Silicon have? 4 arms
Explain what happens when Magnesium and Oxygen turns into Magnesium Oxide. Their arms link together (the Magnesium loses its outer electrons and gives them to the Oxygen)
What elements are found in Copper Sulfate? Copper, Sulphur and Oxygen
Balance the symbolic equation ____ Mg+O2 --> ___ MgO? 2 Mg+O2 --> 2 MgO?
What is the difference between Mg and MgO? MgO is a compound and Mg is and element.
What compound does Calcium and Oxygen make? Calcium Oxide
Compare the particles in mercury and Sodium at room temperature? mercury’s particles are able to move about as Mercury is liquid, whereas sodium’s particles are organised and tightly linked.
Explain the difference between a compound and a mixture? a compound is when you have 2 different elements are joined together. In a mixture, there are 2 different types of particles (2 compounds or 2 different elements or an-element-and-a-compound) BUT the 2 different particles are not joined!
Can you identify the elements in the compound Na2SO4? Sodium (2 atoms) sulphur (1 atom) oxygen (4 atoms).
Can you explain what happens if you mix sulphur with oxygen? What do you get? The sulphur combines with the oxygen and becomes sulphur dioxide.
On the periodic table where would you find the non-metals? on the Right-hand side
What is a molecule? two atoms stuck together.
What do ALL halogens do? kills bacteria.
What elements conduct heat? Metallic elements.
What is the name of Fe2O3? Iron Oxide
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