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Deutsch 2 Kapitel 3

Kapitel 3

die Ferien Vacation
besichtigen sight see
fotografieren to photograph
spazieren to walk/stroll
filmen to film
herausnehmen to take out
ein legen to put in
arbeiten to work
faulenzen to be lazy
laufen to run
bleiben to stay/remain
am on
in in
besuchen visit
der Dom cathedral
die Oper opera
das Museum museum
die Fachwerkhäuser cross timbered houses
der Main Main River
um around/at
der See lake
noch nie not yet/never
schon oft often
auch schon also/already
nicht besonders not especially
Das freut mich! I'm really glad
Es tut mir Leid! I'm sorry.
dir du
euch ihr
ihnen sie
mir ich
uns wir
ihnen sie (they)
Übernachten to spend the night
gewöhnlich usually
das Privathaus Private home
die Pension Bed and Breakfast
das Hotel Hotel
die Imbissstube Snack stand
das Lokal Local Restaurant
der Gasthof resturant/inn
jeden every
nach dem Mittagessen after lunch
die Zentralbank Central bank for EU
der Zwinger Palace in Dresden. Has the crown jewels and an art gallery in it.
Elbflorenz Dresden's nickname
der Spitzname nickname
Kurfürst Friedrich I (August der Starke) king of Poland, earl of Sachsen, converted his people to Catholics and wanted Dresden to be the most beautiful baroque city.
Die Marienkirche A church that was destroyed in WWII and is now only painted on the inside.
Dresden 90% destroyed in WWII.
Frankfurt Finance center in Germany and was destroyed in WWII
Rhein-Main Flughafen one of the biggest airports in Europe
Karl des Grossen 1st Kaiser crowned in Frankfurt. Started the tradition for kings being crowned there.
die Paulskirche was a church. in 1848/1949 was the meeting place of the National Assembly.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Like Germany's Shakespeare. He was a poet, play-write, scientist, government official. Overall just awesome!
Faust A play written by Goethe, where a professor sells his soul to the devil in order to get all the knowledge in the world. This of course ends poorly.
Erlkönig A poem written by Goethe. it is a grim reaper story.
der Zwiebelkuchen Onion cake with salami
das Äbbewoi Apple wine
übernachten spend the night (verb)
Created by: maureen.richards