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Dairy Anatomy

Name the 5 parts of the cow's digestive tract. The mouth, esophagus, a complex four-compartment stomach, small intestine, and large intestine.
Rumen Paunch
Reticulum "Honeycomb"
Omasum "Manyplies"
Abomasum "True Stomach"
What side is the Rumen on? The left
What is the largest of the four compartments? The rumen
What is a pouch-like structure in the forward area of the body cavity? The reticulum
Heavy and dense feed and metal objects go into which compartment. The reticulum
Globe-shaped structure that contain leaves of tissues(like pages in a book) Omasum
Hydrochloric acid and digestive enzymes needed for the breakdown of feeds, are secreted here. Abomasum
What are tiny projections that increase the surface area and the absorption capacity in the rumen called. Papillae
What holds 25 gallons or more of material? Rumen
Which compartment is the only one with a glandular lining? Abomasum
Tissues are arranged in a network resembling a honeycomb. Reticulum
Absorbs water and other substances from the digestive contents. Omasum
Which compartment acts as a storage or holding vat for feed? Rumen
This compartment is comparable to the stomach of tae non-ruminant Abomasum
This compartment is a fermentation vat. Rumen
Collectively the reticulum and rumen are called Ruminoreticulum
What in the rumen digests or ferments feed Microbial population
The rumen absorbs most these that are produced from the fermentation of feedstuffs. Volatile fatty acid
Which compartment is the closes to the heart? Reticulum
Nails and other sharp objects may work into the tissue of the reticulum and cause this. Hardware Disease
How can you prevent or correct Hardware Disease. By a magnet or surgery
The small intestine measures about ____ times the length of the animal 20
What is the large area at the junction of the small and large intestine Cecum
This is the last segment of the tract through which undigested feedstuff passes Large intestine
What are the three sections of the small intestine The Duodenum, Jejunum, Ileum
What is the primary digestive activity that occurs in the large intestine? The absorption of water
What receives the secretion of the pancreas and the gallbladder, which aid digestion Small intestine
Many nutrients are absorbed through _____ into the blood and lymphatic system Villi (small finger-like projections)
Large quantities of gas, mostly carbon dioxide and methane are produced in the rumen
The rumen is always Contracting and moving
As much as 50 to 80 quarts can be produced and added to the rumen a day Saliva
Rumination Cud chewing
Eructation Belching
A cow needs to remove 30 to 50 quarts per hour of the gas to prevent this Bloating
Provides liquid for the microbial population, recirculates nitrogen and minerals, and buffers the rumen Saliva
A cow may spend as much as 35 to 40 percent doing this a day Rumination/Cud chewing
Healthy cows will have how many contractions of the rumen a minute 1-2
Do cow vomit Rarely
Volatile fatty acid consist mainly of these three things Acetic, Propionic, and Butyric acid
About 30-50 percent of the cellulose and hemicellulose are digested in the ______ by the microbial population rumen
What are digested by the rumen microbes and converted into volatile fatty acid Simple and complex carbohydrates
Volatile Fatty Acid are absorbed from the rumen into _____ and transported to ______. Blood stream/ Body tissue
Volatile Fatty Acid are used as a source of energy for these four things Maintenance, Growth, Reproduction, and Milk Production
Created by: 4HwrightDairy