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WHMIS Symbols

Compressed gas? Could explode bc of pressure if heated or dropped
Flammable + combustible material? Will continue to burn after expose to flame or ignition source, avoid heating, sparks + electrical sources
Oxidizing material? Causes others to burn, aids combustion, may irritate skin or eyes, may cause combustibles to explode or react violently
Poisonous + infectious? Fatal if ingested, inhaled, can be absorbed through skin, small volumes can be toxic
Dangerously reactive materials? May react w/ water, chemically unstable, may explode if exposed to shock or heat, may release toxic or flammable vapours, may burn unexpectedly, keep in sealed containers
Corrosive materials? Will react w/ metal + living tissues, damage to skin, eyes, lungs, may cause burns
biohazardous infectious material? can lead to anaphylactic shock, viruses, yeasts, mould + bacteria, don't breath in vapours, avoid putting in aerosol form
poisionous + infectious material causing other toxic effects? may cause death, permanent injury, sterilization, cancer, may cause sensitivity to allergies
Examples of explosives? Aerosols, propane cylinders
Examples of poison? Pesticides, chemicals, rat poison, bleach, pharmaceuticals, cleaning fluids
examples of corrosives? batteries, drain cleaners, oven cleaners
examples of flammable? paint, solvent, oil, gasoline, BBQ starters
Created by: lovinglifexoxo