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Decker Novice Pass A

Decker Novice Pass Auf

In German, some words are spelled with a consonant that does not exist in the English alphabet. Give the German name for this letter? Eszet (Scharfes S)
Name the German scientist who is considered the father of the American space program? Werner von Braun
Name the last major German offensive of WWII in the West. Battle of the Bulge
As of January 1, 2002, what is the basic monetary unit in Germany? Euro
Wie heisst die Hauptstadt von Deutschland? Berlin
Give the German equivalent of We believe what we wish to believe. ANS: Was man wünscht, glaubt man gern.
Which king of Bavaria was the royal patron of Richard Wagner? Ludwig II
Give the plural form of the following noun. Mann Männer
In welchem Bundesland fliesst die Mosel? Rheinland-Pfalz
Name the Prussian king who preferred French to German and often calmed his nerves before battle by playing the flute? ANS: Friedrich der Grosse (Frederick the Great)
What are two ways to say it is 4:30 am? ANS: Es ist halb fünf. Es ist vier Uhr dreissig. (Es dreissig Minuten nach vier Uhr. Es dreissig Minuten vor vier Uhr.)
Two part question. Who is the current Chancellor of Germany and to which political party does she belong? Angela Merkel, CDU
What is the German name for the famous boy’s choir from Vienna? Wiener Sängerknaben
What was the name of the group of artists who gathered in munich before WWI and included the famous Russian-born artist Wassily Kandinsky? der Blaue Reiter
Wie heisst die Landeshauptstadt von Niederösterreich? Sankt Pölten
Give the German equivalent of A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. ANS: Ein Sperling in der Hand ist besser als eine Taube auf dem Dache.
Zweiteilig! Wie heisst Deutschlands höchster Berg und in welchem Bundesland steht er? Zugspitze, Bayern
During the 15th century, guilds were formed to cultivate poetry and music. What were the members of these guilds called? ANS: Meistersinger (Meistersänger)
Change the following sentence into the present perfect or conversational past tense – Er lädt uns ein. ANS: Er hat uns eingeladen.
Name the missionary who attempted to Christianize the Germanic tribes. He established the bishoprics of Salzburg, Regensburg, Passau, and Erfurt. ANS: St. Boniface
Put this sentence into German: She stands in front of the door. Sie steht vor der Tür
Multi-part question. What period of German Literature followed the Aufklärung and was characterized by a love of sentimentality, nature and liberty? And who were its two most famous authors? ANS: Sturm und Drang Goether and Schiller
For the first time since 1933, a freely elected all-German parliament met in what year, in what building, in which German city? ANS: 1990; Reichstag; Berlin
Welche Insel Gruppe liegt an der Nordsee Küste von Schleswig-Holstein? ANS: Nordfriesische Inseln
In Germany and Austria most prices include a value-added tax. What is the German term for this tax? Mehrwertsteuer
Created by: ldecker