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-s Brot bread
-s Brötchen bread roll
-s Fleisch meat
-s Obst fruit
-s Gemüse vegetables
-s Ei egg
-s Eis ice cream
-s Spiegelei fried egg
-s Steak steak
-s Wasser water
-s Frühstück breakfast
-s Mittagessen lunch
-s Abendessen dinner
-e Orange orange
-e Banane banana
-e Nudeln noodles
-e Butter butter
-e Wurst cold cuts/sausage
-e Bratwurst bratwurst
-e Chips chips
-e Cola coke
-e Kartoffel potato
-e Limonade Sprite/lemonade
-e Marmelade jam
-e Milch milk
-e Pizza pizza
-e Pommes Frites (Pommes) (pl) french fries
-e Sahne whipped cream
-e Suppe soup
-r Saft juice
-r Apfel apple
-r Salat salad/lettuce
-r Durst thirst
-r Hunger hunger
-r Fisch fish
-r Jogurt yogurt
-r Kaffee coffee
-r Kakao cocoa
-r Käse cheese
-r Kuchen cake
-r Nachtisch dessert
-r Sprudel/das Mineralwasser carbonated water
-r Tee tea
-r Zucker sugar
essen - to eat
trinken - to drink
möchten - would like
mögen - to like
wollen - to want
müssen - to have to
dürfen - to be allowed to
können - to be able to/can
sollen - should
bestellen to order
gehen to go
treffen (er trifft) to meet
kosten to cost
bezahlen to pay
Created by: brittahanks