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Serbian Language

Vocabulary terms in Serbian & English

Zdravo Hello
Dobro jutro Good morning
Dobar dan Good afternoon
Dobro veče Good evening
Laku noć Goodnight
Kako se zoveš? What is your name?
Za se zovem ___. / Zovem se___. My name is
Koliko imaš godina? How old are you?
Imam ____ godina. I am ___ years old.
Odakle si? Where are you from?
Jas am iz___. I am from ___.
Kako si? How are you?
Ja sam dobro./Dobro sam. I am good.
Drago mi je. Pleased to meet you.
Šta radiš? What are you doing?
Radim domaći. I'm doing homework.
Želim da ide na koledž. I want to go to college.
Koliko košta? How much does it cost?
Želim da postane medicinska sestra. I want to become a nurse.
Šta želite da uradite? What do you like to do?
Koliko je sati? What time is it?
Kasno je. It's getting late.
Vidimo se kasnije. See you later.
Vidimo se sutra. See you tomorrow.
Mnogo te volim. I love you so much.
Slažem I agree
Tačno tako Exactly
Skroz Definitely
Naravno. Of course.
Kapiram te. You know what I mean.
Tako je! That's right!
Rodjendan Birthday
Ako If
Autoput cesta Highway
Jao meni Poor me
Slatka Cute
Mjehurići Bubbles
Jesam Yes I am.
Nisam No I'm not.
Nikad Never
Hajde Come on/ lets go
Ili, ali Or
Onda Then
Slabokrvan Anemic
Barem At least
Još/ više More
Mjehurići Bubbles
Antipatičan Unpleasant/unlikeable
Brzo Fast/hurry
Takođe Also
Repa Beets
Kajsije Apricots
Zrak Air
Ormar Cabinet
Prepotentan Rheumatism
članci Articles
Apsolutno Absolutely
Brizgalica Injection
Duga Rainbow
Lopata Shovel
Lopatati To shovel
Bodar Akward
Riba Fish
Lud Crazy
Lopta Ball
Prozor,/prozore Window, windows
Mučati Talker/blabber
Stol Table
Ples Dance
Zastava Flag
Stup Pole
Klupa Bench
Spa Toplice
Hlače Pants
Kapa Hat
Bosiljak Basil
Kopile Mule
četkić Hammer
Glupan A fool
Bicikla Bicycle
čarape Socks
Pivo Beer
Biskup Bishop
Keks Cookie
Veselo Lively
Blato Dirt
Blijed(o)(a) Pale
Oklopljen Closed
Pričasa Go near
Oklopiti To close
Blagoslovjen Blessed
Flaša Bottle
Created by: amber.djurina
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