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Midterm Review

Variable Only one of these will change between testing groups in a strong experiment
Control The test group that represents the most typical conditions, with no variables introduced.
Constants These are variables that will not change between test groups in a strong experimental design
Estimated When taking volume in a graduated cylinder the value is measured to the nearest line then one digit is taken beyond and called this.
Two The number of significant zeroes in 0.00004020 m.
Negative In 0.0000862 the sign of the exponent in scientific notation will be (positive/negative?)
accurate If the average value of three trials is within 5% of the accepted value, then the results are considered _____________.
Three The number of significant figures in the product of 12.5 g + 3.46 g.
mass In order to calculate density, one must divide ________ by volume.
Total To calculate number of half-lives, divide _________ halflife time by length of one half-life.
Final Volume of an irregular object is obtained by subtracting beginning volume from _______ volume.
thousand There are a _______________ mL in one L
hundred There are a _______________ cm in one m
thousand There are a _______________ m in one km.
heat In a Specific Heat Calculation, Q is obtained in Joules. This is a measure of Energy or _______.
starting Q = m * C * Delta T; The Delta T is equal to ending temperature minus ____________ temperature.
Compound The chemical combination of two or more different elements.
Mixture The physical combination of two or more different substances.
Homogeneous A solution in which the mixed substances cannot be visually distinguished.
Distillation Evaporation is a form of ___________________ in which a solid precipitate is left behind.
Straight Because atoms are made up of mostly empty space, the Alpha particles of Rutherford's experiment mostly went _________ through the gold foil.
Equal The law of conservation of matter means that the sum of reactants will _________ the sum of products in a chemical reaction.
Chemical A precipitate is an example of a _______________ change.
Physical Salt dissolved in water is an example of a _________________ change.
ElectronCloud The atomic model of the Quantum Mechanical Theory is called the _______ ________ model.
Mass The nucleus of an atom is positively charged, very dense, and contains most of the __________ of an atom.
Proton The mass of a neutron most closely equals the mass of a/an ____________.
Electrons In a neutral atom the number of protons equals the number of __________.
Protons In order to be Isotopes, E-20 and E-21 must have the same number of _________.
Electrons In Thomson's model the ________________ are like 'raisins' stuck in positively-charge atomic 'dough.'
Bohr In the ___________ atomic model, electrons orbit the nucleus in definite paths.
Protons The atomic number of an atom equals the number ______________
Neutrons An atom's mass number is equal to its protons plus ____________.
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