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vocab fm silas marn

vocab from silas marner

warding the state of being guarded/ a body of guards/ the state of being watched/ a inner most room to be placed under watch
victual food usable by people/ supplies
vicinage (vin-i-nage) the neighboring or surrounding district
vexation (vex-a-tion) the state of being harassed or vexed (your following me around with the vexations that I wished to avoid)
vestry (ves-try) sacristy/ a room used for church purposes
veracity (ve-rac-i-ty) devotion to the truth/ power of conveying or perceiving the truth/ conformity with the truth or fact/ something true <makes lies sound like veracity>
venerable (ven-er-a-ble) "deserving to be venerated" used as a title for the lowest 3 degrees in the Anglican and Roman Cath church/ made sacred by religious or historical association/ calling forth respect through age, character, and attainments
unwonted (un-wonted-ed) out of the ordinary/ not accustomed by experience
unctuous (unc-tu-ous) fatty and oily/ smooth and greasy in texture/ plastic/ full of unction- revealing or marked by a smug, ingratiating, and false earnestness or spirituality <adverb: unctuously. noun: unctousness>
tankard (tan-kard) a one-handed drinking vessel, esp. if it is a pewter or silver mug with a lid
superlative denoting a degree of unsurpassed grammar in comparison/ surpassing all others/ extremelh high qaulity/ excessive
superfluous (su-per-flu-ous) exceeding what is necessary/ not needed/ obsolete- marked by wastefulenss
succession (suc-ces-sion) the order in which one thing or title passes to another
stile <also called turnstile> a set of stepss leading over a wall or fence/ one of the vertical members in a frame in which the secondary member is fitted
ruminate (ru-mi-nate) to go over in the mind often causally or repeatedly/ to coonstantly chew something over a period or time even when it has been partically swallowed
rollick- intransitive verb; rollicking is an adjective to move or behave in a joyous, boisterously carefree manner
rickets (rick-ets) noun pural but singlualr in construction a vitamin D deficiceney disease that affects the young during skeletal growth
requisition (req-ui-si-tion) a formal request to ask someone to do something/ formal request between nations to release a prisoner/ something to be furnished/ to formally demand/ the state of being in demand or use
queer worthless, conterfiet/ questionable, suspicous/ differing from the usual
provident (prov-i-dent) making provisions for the future/ frugal
prosaic (pro-sa-ic) having characteristics more like prose than poetry/ dull, unimaginative/ everyday and ordinary
profusion (pro-fu-sion) lavish expenditure/ the state of being profuse/ great quantity
prevaricate (pre-var-i-cate) diverging from the truth
presentiment (pre-sen-ti-ment) -noun a feeling that something is about to happen
pliant (pli-ant) pliable/ easily influenced/ suitable for various uses
pillion a light saddle for women consisting chiefly of a cusion/ British word:a motorcycle or bicycle saddle for a passenger
phantasm (phan-tasm) also known as fantasm a product of fantasy/ delusive appearance/ a figment of the imagination/ a mental representation of a real object <adjective: phantasmal or phantasmic>
laudanum (lau-da-num) any various formerly used preparations of opium/ a tincture of opium
judicious (ju-di-cious) adj having, exercising, or characterized by good judgement
jocose (jo-cose) given to joking/ characterized by joking <adverb: jocosely. noun: jocoseness. noun: jocosity>
inanity the quality or state of being inane, silly or stupid/ vapid, pointless, or fatuous character: shallowness
inane silly or stupid
vapid (va-pid) offering nothing that is stimulating or challenging
ingratiating (in-gra-ti-at-ing) intended to gain favor or support; sycophantic
sycophantic (syc-o-phan-tic) behaving or done in an obsequious way in order to gain advantage
obsequious (ob-se-qui-ous) obedient or attentive to an excessive or servile degree
Created by: emilyncarper789
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