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Powered Purifying Air Resp.

What level of PPE is this used for? C and D
What type of chemical resistant rubber is the face piece adapter protected with? Butyl rubber
Does the PAPR have any cooling ability? No, though the running air may be perceived as cooler
Is the PAPR considered positive pressure? No
What is the protection factor of the PAPR? 1000x. (N95 mask = 5, APR = 50, PAPR = 1000, SCBA = 10,000)
What type of canisters does the PAPR use? (2) 40 mm NIOSH CBRN canisters
How long does the canisters last? 7 years in the vacuum sealed container
How long is the breakthrough time for the FDNY CAP1 type we use? CAP 1 is a 15 minute breakthrough. It is the lowest. CAP 4 is a 1 hour breakthrough
What MUST the oxygen level be to use a PAPR? Within normal limits
Who gives the command to use the PAPR? The I/C
Can the PAPR be used for confined spaces, IDLH or fire areas? No, all of these have unknowns.. The air the PAPR is being used in must be monitored and identified.
When testing the unit, the Airflow indicator tube will be used to...? Check the strength of the battery and the flow through the filters
How long do the batteries last? 10 year shelf life, 10 hour operation time
Can the PAPR be used with a dead battery? Yes, it will then be a fancy APR.
Created by: yakshave