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List 15 Vocabulary

Acu Sharp
Acumen The ability to make good judgments and quick decisions
Bar Weight
Barometer An instrument used to measure atmospheric pressure
Dol Pain
Indolence Avoidance of activity or exertion; laziness
Flu Flow
Influx An arrival or entry of a large number of people or things
Hab Have
Habitual Done constantly, regularly, or usually
Lev Lift
Alleviate To make a problem less severe
Mne Memory
Mnemonic Designed to aid in memorizing something
Neb Cloud
Nebulous Clear; vague; undefined
Plac Calm
Placate To make someone or something less angry or upset
Sol Alone
Desolation A state of complete emptiness or isolation
Boisterous Noisy; energetic; rowdy
Capitulate To cease to resist an opponent; surrender
Impute To attribute something (usually negative) to a cause
Intrepid Fearless; adventurous
Querulous Complaining in a petulant and whiny manner
Venerable Accorded a great deal of respect
Perturbed Anxious; unsettled; upset
Succinct Brief and clearly expressed
Ascetic Practicing severe self-discipline, esp. for religious purposes
Egregious Outstandingly bad; shocking
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