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inorganic :(

Li depressive disorder
Na second most abundant in ocean
K venom in scorpion
Rb melts in hand
Cs heavenly blue
Fr discovered in part of Ac's radio. decay
Be alloyed with Cu/Ni
Mg Gringard reagents
Ca bones
Sr post menopausal osteoporosis
Ba insecticides
Ra decays to Pb used to date materials
Cr needed glucose metabolisim
Mo used in nitrogen fixation
W highest melting point
Sg only named after living person
Fe interior stars
Ru used as catalysis
Os greek word smell
Hs similar properties to Os
Co named evil spirit goblin
Ir most corrosion resistant metal
Rh used catalytic converters in cars
Mt synthesized from Bi and Fe
Cu no bacteria grow biostatic
Ag best conductors of electricity
Au most malleable
Rg named after person who discovered x-ray
B improves pollen production
Al bitter salt
Ga alloyed with other metals to reduce MP
In liquid phase electronics
Tl green branch
Uut originally named akanthillium
Sn exist as polymorph
Pb determine age of earth
Fl island
C production of steel
Si second most abundant element Earth;s crust
Ge toxic to bacteria harmless to humans
Zn shark
Hg liquid at RT
Cd used in control rods
Cn astronomer
Kr lighting air craft runways
Xe anethetic
Rn lung cancer
Dy magnets
Ho stockham
Er lasers
Tm scandanavia
Yb earthquakes
Lu pet scan
Th camera lens
Pa oxalic acid
U military weapon
Np superconductor
Ni meterority minerals
Pd catalytic converter
Pt anticancer drug
Ds Germany
Pu pace maker
Am smoke detector
Cm bone tumor
Bk synthesize heavier elements
He detected in sun
Ne glows red orange
Ar lazy
N air bags
p bringer of light
As semiconductor LED
Sb egyptian cosmetics
Bi stomach remedy
Uup produced Am with Ca
O abundant on earth surface
S chinese firworks
Se thyroid gland
Te earth
Po alpha source in lab
Lv national lab
F tooth deacay
Cl disinfect sewage
Ur flame retardent
I disinfect wounds
At unstable
Uus neutron rich isotope
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