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What tempeture does it freeze at? Freezes 0 degluis celsius
What it turn into ? solid ice
What substance dissolves? Calcium and Mangesium
What happens when it freezes? Expands
Whats the checimal frouma for water? H2O
What the density? Ig/cm cubed
What water molecules? Clings together forming bonds. More attacted to the container side than each other and this creates...
What menisus layer? When it creates water molecules
What is the test of water? Snhydrous Copper Sulphate white to blue Cobalt Chloride blue to pink
What is screening? Pass through a grid or screen and remove large debris
Settling? Settling in a tank add aluminium sulphate. Small particcles clump together?
Filtration Passed throuugh sand and rocks filter beds Removes dirt
Chl;orations Kill bacteria
Fluration helps tooth decay
Hard what is caused .... calcium and magnesium
ions are? Calcium and chloride ion.
What is insouble ? CALCIUM CARBONBATE
Rainwater acts on limewater because? to produce Calcium hydrocarbonate
Dissolves calcium carbonate is acidic
Boiling Calcium Hydrocarborboneate turns Liquid to a solid.
whats limesclae liquis to a solid
Advanages of water Healthy bones and teeth tastes nicer goodbrewing
disadvantages of water Blocks pipes produces lime scale Doesnt lather soap so it produce scum
What is electroylsis use of electricity cause a checimal change
what is used to split water Hofmann voltameter
Created by: Kbuttimer2018