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Chemistry Review

where on the periodic table would you find elements that are most similar? same family/group
Where are the most reactive metals located on the periodic table? alkali metals
Where are most reactive non metals located on the periodic table? halogens/ group 17
List the elements that are liquid on the periodic table mercury and bromine
Where are the transition metal found on the periodic table? Group 3 -12
Elements that are shiny, solid, conducts electricity, has atomic mass of 108 metal
Elements in the same vertical column on the periodic table have similar chemical properties
Where are the noble gases found? Group 18
The following is a glucose molecule: C6H12O6 How many atoms of each element? 6 carbon 12 Hydrogen 6 oxygen
The following is a glucose molecule: C6H12O6 What are the elements in this compound? carbon hydrogen oxygen
Lithium, sodium, potassium, rubidium, and cesium are all in same family. The means they have the similar ______________. physical and chemical properties
What forms when molecules join together? compound
What is formed when two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom react chemically to make water? compound
The majority of the elements on the periodic table would be classified as ____________. metals
Which is a homogeneous mixture: pizza, salad, chicken noodle soup, or salt water solution? salt water solution
substance being dissovled solute
substance that does the dissolving solvent
Sodium (Na)and Chlorine (Cl) form sodium chloride (NaCl) which is also called salt
Which elements belong to the same family as potassium (K) and sodium (Na? Fluorine (F), oxygen (O), or bromine (Br)? Lithium (Li)
An unknown substance is malleable and ductile. Where would the sample most likely be found on the periodic table? far left of the zig zag line
Where are most non-metals found on the periodic table? far right of the zig zag line
Why are elements placed in the same column on the periodic table? The have the same number of valence electrons on the outer energy shell.
Why are elements placed in the same period on the periodic table? They have the same number of energy shell (rings).
How are elements arranged on the periodic table? Increasing atomic number
In which group are most likely the highly reactive elements found? Group 1 (alkali) and 17 (Halogens)
Which group on the periodic table contain elements with the most varied properties? transitions
Which groups contains elements that are radioactive elements? lanthanides and actinides
Elements that are man-made are called? synthetic
85 grams of Element A reacts with 175 grams of Element B to form how many grams of AB. 260 grams of AB
What is the law of conservation of mass? mass is not created or destroyed. It just changes forms.
What would be used in front of the elements to balance a chemical equation? coefficients
What are the ingredients in a chemical equation? reactants
These elements are semi-conductors and conduct electricity under certain conditions. metalloids
Elements on the periodic table can be divided into three main groups called____________. metals, metalloids, non-metals
The number above the symbol is called_________. Atomic number
The number below the symbol is called_________. Atomic mass
The atomic mass include all the _______ and _____ in the nucleus. Protons, neutrons
Substances not chemically combined are called ________________. Mixtures
Substances not chemically combined and can be easily separated are called_______________. Heterogeneous mixtures
Sustances that are combine evenly are called __________. Homogeneous mixtures
Pizza is an example of which kind of mixture? Heterogeneous
Milk is an example of which kind of mixture? Homogeneous (Solution)
If a student chemically combines 14g of hydrogen with 22g of oxygen, what will be the mass of the product? 36grams
To make sure substances do not escape in a chemcial reaction,it must happen in a ___________ system. closed
When gases are able to escape in a reaction, it have been completed in an ________ system. open
How do you calculate the number of neutrons in an element? Atomic mass- Atomic number= neutron
Elements with two electrons on the outer shell belong to _____________________. Alkaline Earth Metals
Elements with their outer energy shell full belong to _________________________. noble gases
How many atoms are represented in the formula CaCO3? 5 atoms
When a substance in a closed system interact with one another, the total mass of the system _________________________. remains the same
What does it mean when a symbol (Ca) has no subscript? only one atom
How can you separate a water and sand mixture? filtration
How can you separate saltwater? distillation (evaporation)
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