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6th grade CBA #3

Which of the following compounds contains the greatest number of different elements? C₆H₁₂O₆
How many elements are in the compound C₆H₁₂O₆? 3
A student places a thin strip of gray metal in a test tube containing a clear liquid. The next day, the metal has disappeared and the liquid is yellow. What evidence of a chemical change is there? color change
Heat transfer occurs- only from warmer objects to colder ones.
When investigating how the sun warms our earth, Bobby put a pan of cool water in the sun. During the day he measured the temperature of the water and observed that is increased. This occurred because of - thermal radiation
What are the elements names in NaCl? nitrogen and chlorine
The chemical equation below shows the process of photosynthesis. Which is the element in the equation? 6CO2 + 6 H2O -> C6H12O6 + 6O2 6O2
What is the density of the paper clip if the volume is 5cm³ and the mass is 40 g? 8 g/cm³
What is the density of the paper clip if the volume is 5cm³ and the mass is 40 g? 8 g/cm³
A certain element is a solid that has a shiny gray appearance and is a good conductor at room temperature. However, this element is very brittle in texture and cannot be hammered into a flat shape without falling apart. This element is most likely is.. metalloid
Bobby and Luke were given a mystery element. Which investigation should Bobby and Luke conduct to BEST determine if the mystery element is a metal? The boys should set up a simple circuit to determine if the mystery element will conduct electricity when placed in the circuit’s path.
Diesel fuel is used in the engines of the machines and trucks at a quarry. Which of these is the main energy transformation as the fuel is used by the engines? chemical energy is converted to kinetic energy
The inside of a flashlight is a closed circuit. Which diagram shows these energy transformations in the order in which they occur? chemical-> electrical ->light
energy transformation must take place to boil a pot of water on the hot plate? electrical energy must be converted into heat energy.
Donovan drove from Houston to Austin in 3 hours. The distance between the two cities is 180 miles. What was his average speed? 60 mph
What is the symbol for the element Neon? Ne
An ice cube melts. How is the thermal energy moving? from the warmer air to the ice cube
In the laboratory, a student observes a substance that is a brittle solid, dull, and does not conduct electricity. It is most likely a non-metal
Andy gets home and smells something coming from the kitchen. He sees a pot of boiling soup sitting on the stove. Andy reaches for the metal spoon that is sitting in the pot and burns his hand. What type of thermal energy transfer happened? conduction
If you needed to move furniture into a van, why would it be easier to use an inclined plane than to just lift the furniture into the van? The inclined plane decreases the amount of force needed to move the furniture by increasing the distance.
In this movable pulley, the input force is applied over twice the distance of the output force. This makes the output force _____________. larger than the input force.
John is using a graduated cylinder to find the volume of a rock. He starts with 23ml of water. After he places the rock in the cylinder the level rises to 30ml. If the rock has a mass of 21g what is the density of the rock? 3 g/ml
How many elements are in the compound Mg(OH)2? 3
On the Periodic Table of Elements the elements are represented by symbols. Which element is Na? Sodium
Which of the following is an example of a transformation of chemical energy into electrical energy? A car battery making headlights shine
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