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Exam #1

For review

Best current explanation to an observation which has been well tested experimentally is called: A. hypothesis B. law C. model D. theory E. accident D. theory
State of matter which has definite shape and definite volume. A. liquid B. solid C. gas B. solid
The charge on an electron is A. positive B. neutral C. negative C. negative
How close a measured value is to the actual value is called A. accuracy B. equality C. precision D. conversion factor E. estimation A. accuracy
Atoms of which the following elements have a nucleus with 24 protons: A. copper B. carbon C. chlorine D. chromium E. cerium D. chromium
Escape of molecules from the surface of a liquid to the vapor state is called: A. evaporation B. boiling C sublimation D. condensation A. evaporation (sublimation is when a solid goes directly from a solid to a gas without it going through the liquid phase)
Anything that has mass and occupies space: A. matter B. compound C. element D. mixture A. matter
Heat is a form of energy, which unit(s) is/are appropriate reporting amount/quantity of heat? A. *C B. K C. calories D. both A & B E. cal/(g*C) C. calories
Numbers obtained from measurements which require estimations are: A. exact numbers B. measured numbers B. measured numbers
The standard metric unit for length measurements is the: A. meter B. liter C. gram A. meter
Type of emission when an unstable nucleus converts a neutron to a proton and emits an electron from the nucleus: A. positron B. beta C. gamma D. alpha B. beta
The length of time for half of a radioactive sample to decay: A. curie B. rem C. radioactivity D. half-life D. half-life
Which of the following types of nuclear radiation travels the greatest distance through air or material? A. Beta B. alpha C. gamma C. gamma
How many significant figures/digits in the measurement 63.40 g? A. two B. three C. four D. zero C. four
Which one of these elements is an alkali metal? A. silicon B. strontium C. sulfur D. sodium E. silver D. sodium
Which one of these elements is a halogen? A. bismuth B. bromine C. beryllium D. boron E. barium B. bromine
Selenium-75 is used in pancreas scans. How many neutrons are in an isotope of selenium-75? A. 61 B. 109 C. 75 D. 34 E. 41 E. 41 (75 - 34 atomic # = 41 neutrons)
Shape, color, state of matter, melting point and density are of a substance? A. chemical properties B. physical changes C. physical properties D. chemical changes C. physical properties
Type of emission when high energy is emitted from the nucleus of a radioactive isotope with no change in mass number or atomic number is called: A. positron B. gamma C. alpha D. beta B. gamma
Elements which are usually shiny solids and are good conductors of heat or electricity are called: A. metals B. metalloids C. nonmetals A. metals
Which one of these elements is a semi-metal/metalloid? A. argon B silver C. americium D. gold E. arsenic E. arsenic
Which one of the following represents the measure of biological effect or biological damage done by different kinds of radiation? A. rad B. rem C. half-life D. activity B. rem
Kinetic energy is: A. energy of motion B. stored energy A. energy of motion
Gold has the density of 19.3g/mL. What is the volume of a pure gold ring having a mass of 12.4g? D=M/V 12.4/19.3 = 0.642mL
The USDA recommends 18 mg daily of iron for females. How many ounces of iron would this be if 1 oz. = 28.3 g? 18 mg x 1/1000 mg x 18/28.3 = 18/28300 = 0.00064 oz.
A doctor requests 325 mg of antibiotic. The supply on hand is 250 mg antibiotic / 5.0 mL of solution. How many mL of medication is required? 325 mg x 5.0mL/250mg = 1625/250 = 6.5 mL
Express 2.3 L in deciliters 2.3L x 10 dL/1L = 23 dL
Ne Neon
Ga Gallium
Sn Tin
Xe Xenon
Ni Nickel
Hg Mercury
He Helium
Li Lithium
Rn Radon
O Oxygen
Potassium K
calcium Ca
Krypton Kr
zinc Zn
zirconium Zr
antimony Sb
fluorine F
radium Ra
cobalt Co
tungsten W
platinum Pt
selenium Se
titanium Ti
americium Am
phosphorus P
copper Cu
magnesium Mg
nitrogen N
plutonium Pu
tellurium Te
(Use periodic table) Atomic # for Aluminum 13
(Use periodic table) Atomic # for Tungsten 74
(Use periodic table) Atomic # Chromium 24
Write the isotope # for Manganese-55 55/25 Mn
How many protons in an atom of molybdenum? 42
How many electrons in an atom of vanadium 23
How many neutrons in an isotope of palladium with a mass number of 109? 109 - atomic #46 = 63 neutrons
What is the mass number for iodine with 70 neutrons? 70 neutrons + atomic # 53 = mass # of 123
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