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Online Physics Final

Online Physics Final Exam

Speed vs Velocity Speed is distance divided by time while velocity is speed and direction
Theory result of multiple tests of goups of hypotheses resulting in a large body of evidence
Hypothesis must be testable idea and able to prove incorrect
Theory vs Hypothesis theories include well-tested hypotheses and could change over time with new evidence while hypotheses are predictions which could be proven right or wrong; theories could change over time with more tested hypotheses
Newton's Laws developed Isaac Newton to explain motion
Newton's First Law of Motion Law of Inertia - every object continues in a state of rest or of uniform speed in a straight line unless acted upon by a nonzero force.
Newton's Second Law of Motion law of momentum- the acceleration produced by a net force on an object is directly proportional to the net force, is in the same direction as the net force, and is inversely proportional to the mass of the object.
Newton's Third Law of Motion law of force pairs- for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.
Object in Equilibrium state of no change. it can be still or moving at a constant speed in a constant direction
Free Fall when the only force acting on the object is gravity, and air resistance is negligible. and object in free fall falls at 10 m/s2
Acceleration the rate of change of velocity. acceleration= change of velocity/time interval
Vector quantities that require magnitude and direction, such as velocity, force, and acceleration.
Impulse force x time interval. changes momentum
Momentum mass x velocity.
Work-Energy Principle work= change in kinetic energy.
Weight the force of gravity on you. evidence by support force.
Projectile Motion projectile accelerates only in the vertical direction while moving at constant horizontal velocity called a parabola.
Buoyancy in Fluids the ability to float due to the buoyant force/upward force. buoyancy is related to volume of water displaced
Archimedes'Principle an immersed body is buoyed up by a force equal to the weight of the fluid it displaces.
Pascal's Principle a change in pressure at any point in an enclosed fluid at rest is transmitted undiminished to all points in the fluid.
Temperature vs Heat temperature is the measure of the heat in an object, it is the degree of hotness. heat is the internal energy transferred from one object to another due to temperature difference. internal energy in transit.
Specific Heat Capacity the specific heat capacity of any substance is defined as the quantity of heat required to change the temperature of a unit mass of the substance by 1 degree Celsius.
Thermal Expansion objects spread/expand as the heat up.
Absolute Zero -273 degrees Celsius or 0 degrees Kelvin. where molecules have lost all available kinetic energy.
Kinetic Energy energy of motion. depends on the mass and the speed of an object.
Potential Energy energy that is stored and held in a state of readiness. 1) elastic 2)chemical 3) gravitational
Conservation of Energy whenever heat is added to a system, it transforms to an equal amount of some other form of energy. first law of thermodynamics.
Theory & Hypothesis - A truly educated person is knowledgeable in: science, religion and the arts
Theory & Hypothesis - In science, facts may: change and are not absolutes when new evidence proves otherwise.
Theory & Hypothesis - A synthesis of a large body of well tested knowledge is known as a: theory
Theory & Hypothesis - In science, a valid hypothesis must be tested to be proven : wrong
Theory & Hypothesis - Science is a body of knowledge which goes back to: mankind's beginnings
Velocity of Free Fall - A 50 N falling object encounters a 50 N of air resistance. The net force on the object would be: zero Newtons
Velocity of Free Fall - Satellites circle the earth approximately 100 km above the Earth's: atmosphere
Velocity of Free Fall - When a falling object reaches terminal velocity, its acceleration is zero
Velocity of Free Fall - If a box of frozen pizza weighing 100 N falls from the sky(Colbs would be happy!) with increasing velocity. When air resistance equals 100 N, the pizza's acceleration in meters/sec/sec is: zero
Velocity of Free Fall - Ignoring air resistance, pizza would fall with a constant: acceleration (9.8 m/s/s)
Velocity of Free Fall - On the planet of Colbs, acceleration is twice the acceleration on earth. If pizza fell from Colb's hands, Colb's tears and the pizza would fall at the rate of: approximately 20 m/s
Velocity of Free Fall - If Jake and Demarco tandem jump from a plane with force of 600 N experience a 800 N air resistance. The net force on Demarco and Jake would be: 200 N upward
Velocity of Free Fall - If Colbs throws pizza dough in the air moving at 20 m/s, one second later the pizza dough will have a speed of : 10 m/s
Newton's Laws - Demarco's car is traveling twice as fast as Zach's truck when they both hit the brakes. While both vehicles have equal masses, Demarco's car will take _____ times as long to stop. Four
Newton's Laws - Zach pulls back on a slingshot to throw a chicken nugget into Colb's mouth. The action force exerted on the sling is paired with the reaction of the nugget's push against the string.
Newton's Laws - The hallway floor has a friction of 15 N against the sliding of Demarco's boots. Jake's applied force to maintain Demarco's velocity would be 15 N
Newton's Laws - For every action, there is an opposite reaction equal in magnitude
Newton's Laws - Satellites which enable your cell phones to function orbit above the earth's atmosphere
Newton's Laws - Colby pushes Demarco as he sleeps. Demarco pushes Colby back without waking up.
Newton's Laws - Newton's third law explains action-reaction pairs and is illustrated by the gravitational pull between the pull between the earth and the moon.
Newton's Laws - The measurement unit for force is the Newton
Newton's Laws - If Jake, the mighty G-Hog, exerts a 400 N force in his 3 point stance, then the turf will exert a support force of 400 N
Newton's Laws - Compared to Laney, Demarco has twice as much inertia
Newton's Laws - Greater masses of interacting objects have a greater __________________ between them. gravitational force
Newton's Laws - Compared to 5 kg of frozen pizza, 10 kg of frozen pizza has twice as much inertia, mass and volume
Newton's Laws - If Becca applies less horizontal force to Zach as he slides down the hallway than required to maintain a constant velocity, Zach will eventually slide to a stop.
Equilibrium - Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars would crash into the sun, with its larger gravitational force, if not for the tangential velocities of the planets
Acceleration - If the space shuttle decreases in mass due to burning of fuel while the engines maintain a constant force, the acceleration of the space shuttle increases
Acceleration - If Jake exert's a constant force on the opposing team's d lineman, the defensive lineman will have a constant acceleration
Acceleration - If Major Owens jumps from an Air Force plane, his velocity of fall increases and his accelertion decreases as air resistance force and the force of gravity are balanced.
Acceleration - As Colbs drives his mustang at a constant velocity of 60 km/hr for 10 seconds, During the 10 seconds, Colbs' acceleration is zero
Acceleration - If Zach applies a net force of zero against Demarco, Demarco's acceleration will be zero
Vectors - Vector quantities with magnitude and direction include: displacement, velocity, acceleration,momentum, force, weight
Vectors - A force is a vector quantity if the force has : magnitude and direction
Impulse and Momentum - An impulse is equal to force multiplied by time or the change in momentum
Impulse and Momentum - The difference between impulse and impact force is the time the force acts
Impulse and Momentum - Two footballs with the same mass and speed hit each other and their combine momentum will be zero
Impulse and Momentum - Can Demarco apply a punch force of 500 N to the buckeye football run-through banner as the banner is suspended by the poles? No,the banner will move back and the impact force will be exerted over a longer period of time.Impulse and Momentum -
Impulse and Momentum - In order for Zach to catch a touchdown reception, Zach reaches his hands forward before the impact of catching the football and allows his hands to go backward in the direction of the balls motion. While doing this, Zach reduces the force of impact on his hands by increasing the time of impact
Impulse and Momentum - In frustration, Coach Kurt Traylor executes a swift blow and breaks a wooden football bench. The magnitude of the force on his hands is identical to the force applied to the block
Impulse and Momentum - If the opposing quarterback wants to suffer a smaller force as Demarco begins his sack, the quarterback should allow Demarco's momentum to be exerted over a longer length of time
Impulse and Momentum - Colb's mustang hits a bug and splatters it. The force of impact for the windshield and the bug is the same for both.
Calculate Momentum - A 3 kg football has a momentum of 12 kg.m/s. What is the football's speed? 4 m/s
Work/Energy Principle - When a gas is changed to a liquid form, the gas releases energy ; when energy is removed the particles move more slowly
Work/Energy Principle - Energy transfer by convection is found in fluids
Work/Energy Principle - If Demarco pushes an opponent twice as far while applying the same force, Demarco has done ______ as much work. twice
Work/Energy Principle - The power required to exert a 1 N force, over a distance of 1 meter in one second is 1 Watt
Kinetic & Potential Energy - A ball rolled down the stands from the top row of Jeff Traylor Stadium has the most potential energy at: the top
Kinetic & Potential Energy - An object that has kinetic energy has motion
Kinetic & Potential Energy - If an object is raised four times as high, the potential energy of object will increase four times
Weight - When Becca stands on scale with two feet, the scale measures 250 N. If Becca stands like a flamingo on one foot, the scale now reads 250 N
Weight - Atmospheric pressure is greater on a mountain compared to the beach due to the weight of the air in the atmosphere
Weight - The gravitational force between Colbs and the earth is known as weight
Weight - If the radius of the earth decreased with no change in Jake's mass, Jake's weight would increase
Weight - A 2 kg mass at the earth's surface weighs 19.6 N (9.8 x 2)
Buoyancy in Fluids - The Bux cheerleaders throw a plastic football into an open bucket of water. The plastic football floats, therefore its density is ________ than the density of water. less
Buoyancy in Fluids - Tom Brady's football has the air squeezed to half its original volume, the density then doubles
Archimedes' Principle - Archimedes' principle states the buoyant force of an object is equal to the _________ of the fluid displaced by the object. weight
Pascal's Principle - The ratio of output force to input force of an hydraulic press will have the same ratio of the output and input piston __________. area
Temperature v/s Heat - A temperature difference of 10 degrees Celsius is also equal to a temperature difference of 10 on the Kelvin scale
Temperature v/s Heat - Jake prepares meringue for an awesome chocolate pie. As Jake stirs the eggs, the temperature of the eggs will increase
Temperature v/s Heat - Using hand warmer packages during a cold Buckeye football playoff game, the heat energy travel from the object with high heat to the buckeye fan hands which has a lower temperature
Temperature v/s Heat - Determines which state of matter a substance will be... temperature
Specific Heat - Making hot chocolate in the mountains requires ______ time than boiling the water at sea level. less
Pressure - Sipping on a Dr. Pepper with a straw while watching the bux play football makes use of Atmospheric Pressure
Atoms - Water molecules contain _____ elements. two
Atoms - The random motion of atoms and molecules is known as Brownian motion
Atoms - Elements are unique by the number of ____________ protons
Atoms - amu stands for atomic mass unit (not A&M University) and is 1/12th the mass of _________ Carbon and has nothing to do with Aggie 12th Man
Atoms - Add 2 protons to oxygen and you get an atom of... flourine
Atoms - The element with the highest __________ will have the greatest number of protons. atomic number
Atoms - The smallest particle in an atom is the quark
Atoms - Electrons are negatively charged, protons are positively charged while neutrons are ...... electrically neutral
Atoms - When carbon and oxygen atoms combine chemically, energy is given off
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