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List 13 Vocabulary

Phor Carry
Aphorism A short but wise saying; keen observation
Mend Flaw
Mendicant A beggar
Epi On
Epicurean Having luxurious tastes, especially concerning eating
Ob Against
Oblige To place under a debt of gratitude
Ad To
Adjunct Joined or associated without permanent status
Taph Tomb
Epitaph An inscription on a tomb
Fin Limit
Ad Infinitum Without limit; endless
Prob Test
Reprobate A person without morals
Alt High
Altitude Extent or distance upward; height
Omni All
Omnificent Having created all things
Abstain To go without; withdraw
Endemic Specific to a certain area or group of people
Florid Reddish or rosy
Fastidious Picky, fussy, or hard to please
Labyrinth A maze
Lexicon The vocabulary of a particular language
Alleviate To make easier or lessen
Malady A disorder or disease of the body
Noxious Harmful or poisonous
Mollify To appease or soften
Created by: GCSEnglish11