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NY Adj Ex - Ch3

Dwelling Insurance

used to cover risks that may not qualify for the HO policy dwelling insurance
basic dwelling form DP-1
broad Dwelling form DP-2
special Dwelling form DP-3
single family homes, 1-4 family houses, duplexes, triplexes, max 5 roomers/boarders, structure under construction, permanently installed mobile homes, only incidental business risks eligibility for dwelling property program
not eligible for dwelling program farm dwellings/other farm property
DP-1 is a __ peril form named
DP-2 is a __ __ form named peril
DP-3 is combination of __ perils for the building & __ perils for contents coverage open; named
cover the same types of property & contain the same General Exclusions & Conditions DP forms
only available on Dp-2 & DP-3 forms broad perils
extended coverage perils & vandalism are available on __ DP forms all
windstorm, civil commotion, smoke, hail, aircraft, vehicles, volcanic eruption, explosions, riot DP extended coverage(EC) perils
burglary damage, ice/snow weight, glass breakage, accidental discharge/overflow of water/steam, falling objects, freezing of pipes, electrical damage, collapse, & tearing apart/cracking/burning/ bulging DP broad perils
vandalism and malicious mischief coverage is __ coverage under DP-1 but is included with other DP forms optional
98 DPs ___ coverage for vandalism or malicious mischief if the dwelling has been vacant for more than 30 days eliminated
2002 DP form increases the number of vacant days to 60 days for vandalism or malicious mischief
DP-__ provides coverage for direct physical loss caused by fire, lightening, & internal explosion. 1
rapid oxidation accompanied by a flame, spark, or glow; must also be sudden/unexpected not long-term, predictable process such as scorching fire
a __ fire is one that is contained in the place intended for. friendly
fire that is spread beyond its intended place; is not friendly hostile fire
for a DP1 form only __ __ caused by a hostile fire is covered by the fire peril direct damage
electricity atmospherically produced by nature; not an artificial current lightening
explosion that occurs in a covered building or building containing covered personal property internal explosion
explosions specifically excluded under DP1 bursting of water pipes, electrical arcing, explosion of steam boilers/pipes (leased/operated by named insd), rupture/burst of pressure relief devices
windstorm/hail, explosion, riot/civil commotion, aircraft, vehicles, smoke, & volcanic eruption Extended Coverage perils DP1
covers direct physical loss caused by fire/lightening broad form DP2
DP2 ___ includes Extended Coverage (EC) perils & vandalism/malicious mischief: riot, civil commotion, explosion, vehicles, & smoke automatically
usually refers to assemblage of >3 people that results in use od force/violence against individuals/property riot
cover damage to insd property caused by an uprising or disturbance of a large number of people civil commotion
peril does not exclude steam boilers/pipes and is slightly broader than "internal" explosion explosion (Extended Coverage) DP2
only excludes damage to fences, driveways, & walks when caused by a vehicle owned/operated by an insd or resident and does not exclude such damages when a nonresident vehicles (Extended Coverage) DP2
covers sudden & accidental damage to covered property except from agricultural smudging & industrial operation smoke (Extended Coverage) DP2
Created by: lfrancois74
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