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KS3 Speed Pressure

KS3 Speed Pressure and Moments

What unit is used for the moments the unit is N.m (N x m)
When you jump out of a plane and you open your parachute, describe the forces on you and your speed after a few minutes opening it? forces (air resistance and gravity) are balanced and you are moving at a constant speed.
Why would you stay the same speed in a moving car? because the forces on you are balanced.
Describe a force. A force is push, pull or twist.
What force keeps us on the earth? Answer: Gravity
How would you measure a force? Answer: With Newtons
How do you work out Moments Answer: Mass x distance to pivot
Explain the difference between mass and weight Weight is the force that pulls you down; mass is the Number of atoms in the body
What will be different on the moon than on the earth: mass or weight? Answer: The weight
In a tug of war, when one team is pulling with a force of 100 N to the leftand the other 80 N to the right, what is the net force? Answer: 20N to the left
What is the force that keeps you afloat in water? Answer: Upthrust
Which of these will help a car go faster? Answer: Streamlining
What is the equation to work out the pressure? force divided by area
What is the equation to work out the area? force divided by pressure
What is the equation to work out the force? pressure times the area
What unit measures force? newtons
What is the equation to work out the distance? speed times the time
What is the equation to work out the time? distance divided by speed
What is the equation to work out the speed? distance divided by time
What is the effect of unbalanced forces on a moving object? direction may change, or the object may slow down, or it may accelerate(go faster)
What is a force ? a force is a push or pull movement
Name three types of forces? gravity, up thrust and air resistance
Is gravity a push or pull force? pull
Is up thrust a push or pull force? push
Is air resistance a push or pull force? push
Which force pulls you down when sky-diving? gravity
Which force slows you down while sky-diving? air resistance
Where does upthrust occur? in water
When you drive in a car which force hits against a car? air resistance
Which force keeps us on the ground so we don’t float away? gravity.
Forces can make things change shape, speed or direction true or false True
This person is pushing down on the chair with force of 650N. What other force is acting to make it balanced Reaction of the floor
In which direction does gravitational force apply downwards
Suggest what would happen to the weight of an astronaut who travelled to space the weight will be the different because only the mass does not change but when you’re in space your weight changes it becomes lighter.
What happens to air resistance as you move faster ’ air resistance increases as there are more particles to hit you
Why do dolphins have a streamlined shape it enable them to move through water with the least possible water resistance.
What happens to the air resistance when the parachute is opened when the parachute opens the air resistance will become much greater which slows the person riding it
What happens after the parachute is open for few seconds As his speed reduces the air resistance will become less and eventually the forces will be the same again.
When sheley Rudman won her gold medal in the bobsleigh skeleton suggest one thing she have done to make sure she went fast as possible by making smaller surface area
what is air resistance? air resistance is the opposite force to movement and air resistance is created by particles!
Explain why air resistance increases when you move faster? more particles
what does weight mean? pull of gravity
list 2 common units you can measure speed? mph,km
fill in the blank
if the forces on an object are balanced and the object is will remain stationary answer is stationary
name contact forces friction, upthrust, air resistance
name non contact forces gravity, magnetic field
what is friction? friction is a force that slows you down, created when one object rubs against another!
What type of line of a distance graph shows that the moving object has stopped? A straight horizontal line
What is a stationary object? An object that isn’t moving
Complete the sentence “The smaller the surface area, the more ...” Pressure
Air Resistance is created out of ... Particles hitting the moving object
How do you work out the moment? mass x distance
Which of either the moon or the earth has more gravity? The Earth
True or false; Your body would float in water? True
How do you work our pressure? force over area
How do you work out the area? Force over pressure
How do you work out the force? pressure times area
Complete the sentence “Air resistance ... the car down.” slows
Complete the sentence “The more ... the more pressure” force
Define up thrust up thrust is the upward force that liquid or gas use on a body floating in it.
Define gravity is the force that attracts a body towards the centre of the earth
When are forces balanced? Forces are balanced when they are equal in SIZE but opposite in direction: the forces cancel each other out.
When are forces unbalanced? Forces are unbalanced when one has a bigger force than the other
What would an accelerating object look like on a speed time graph? Sloping upwards.
Which direction does air resistance go? Opposite to the movement.
How will a see-saw balance? When the distance x weight on both sides is the same.
On the can experiment, why did the can collapse? Because of there was more pressure on the outside of the can than there was pressure inside the can
On a distance vs time graph, what does a straight line mean? The object is going at the same speed
On a distance vs time graph, what does a flat line mean? The object is not moving
What does BLAST stand for? Best fit Label Axis Scale Title
If a slope on a line graph is steeper in the second part of a journey, what does it mean? The object is moving faster in the second part of the journey
If the force on a submarine porthole at a depth of 10m is 5000n, and the area of the porthole is 100m squared. What is the pressure? pressure=force/area= 5000N divided 100m squared =50N/m squared
Explain why have camels big feet? so they don’t sink into soft sand because they have a large area so the pressure is large.
If a box weighs 100N. it exerts a pressure of 25 N/m2 on a table. What is the area of the box in contact with the table area=force/pressure=4m2
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