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Physics-Chapter 1

Laws of Motion

What is force? a push or a pull measured in Newtons. F=ma. 1N= 1kg*m/s(squared).
What is inertia? the tendency of an object to resist a change in motion.
What is static friction? the force acting on objects that are not moving. it must be overcome to begin moving an object.
What is sliding friction? occurs when solid surfaces slide over each other. It occurs after overcoming static friction.
What is fluid friction? it occurs when an object moves through a fluid (air, water).
What is a balanced force? a force that doesn't change the motion of an object. Net forces=0 (zero)
What is an unbalanced force? a force that does change the motion of an object. Net forces do not equal zero.
What is a force pair? the force that two objects apply to each other. Action and reaction.
What is momentum? What is the Law of Conservation of Momentum? The Law of Conservation of Momentum states,"the total momentum of a group of objects remains the same unless outside forces act upon the objects." In other words, the total momentum is the same before and after the crash.
For every action there is an equal or opposite reaction. Name the Law. Newton's 3rd Law
An object will remain at rest unless a net force acts upon it. Name the Law. Newton's 1st Law
Force=(mass)(acceleration). Name the Law. Newton's 2nd Law
A baseball sticks in the catcher's glove until an unbalanced force acts to move it. Name the Law. Newton's 1st Law
As the force of a golf swing is increased, the ball's acceleration is increased. Name the law. Newton's 2nd Law
As you walk, your foot pushes the ground backward, and the ground propels you forward. Name the law. Newton's 3rd Law
A race car gains acceleration as its mass increases. Name the law. Newton's 2nd Law
A boat moves back when people dive off the side of it. Name the Law. Newton's 3rd Law
The passengers lean sideways as the train takes a sharp turn. Name the Law. Newton's 1st Law
When a rock falls into the lake, the water splashes up. Name the Law. Newton's 3rd Law
The speed of a pall pitched by a child is slower than that pitched by an adult. Name the Law. Newton's 2nd Law
Your parked bicycle has ________ friction until you are able to push the pedals and get moving. Sliding Friction
What is the gravitational force on any object near Earth's surface? 9.8 m/s/s
Gravitational force is measured by what two factors? Mass and distance
_______ is the force that will oppose any body or object in motion. Friction
When a force acts on an object in the SAME DIRECTION of the motion of the object, the object will _______. Speed up
When a force acts on an object in the OPPOSITE DIRECTION of the motion of an object, the object will _______. Slow down
Astronauts weigh less in space than here on earth because ____________________________. They are farther away from the earth's gravity
You hit a table with a fly swatter, describe the reaction force. the table pushes back on the fly swatter
A semi truck collides with a Honda Civic. Compare the total momentum of the vehicles before the crash to the total momentum after the crash. The total momentum stays the same.
What happens when a large marble collides with a small marble? They both continue in the same direction in which the large marble started and the large marble sticks to the smaller marble.
How does a lubricant work to reduce friction? There is less surface rubbing since the lubricant fills the microscopic bumps and ridges.
Created by: catzrule222
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