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Of Mice and Men 1

Flash Cards

juncture (n.) where two things join together to become one
to anguish (v.) to be really sad, depressed
debris(n.) the remains, left over bits and pieces
despair (n.) sad, depressed, without hope
to contemplate (v.) examine, think, observe
recumbent (adj.) lying down
stake (n.) an amount of money
morose (adj.) in a sad, gloomy manner
to lumber (v.) move in a slow, heavy, awkward way
bindle (n.) a small number of items rolled up and carried
imperious (adj.) assuming power or authority without justification
apprehensive (adj.) anxious, fearful
calculating (adj.) thinking in a clever and crafty way
mollify (v.) mollified (adj.) appease the anger; reduce the severity calmed; soothed
pugnacious (adj.) eager and ready to fight
Created by: Isabelmiller