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Physics Force 2

Galileo found that a ball rolling down one inclined plane would roll how far up another inclined plane? It would roll to it's original height
When a woman stands with two feet on a scale, the scale reads 500N. When she lifts one foot, the scale reads how much? 500N
How much does a 1kg bag of nails weigh? 9.8N
One object has twice as much mass as another object. The first object has twice as much ___________ (Inertia, Velocity, Energy?) Inertia
Which has more mass, a kilogram of feathers or a kilogram of iron? Neither, they both have the same mass.
The force required to maintain an object at a constant speed in free space is equal to ________ Zero
The mass of a dog that weighs 100N is about _____________. 10kg
What type of objects does the law of inertia apply to? (Moving or non moving?) Both
After a cannon ball is fired into frictionless space, what is the amount of force needed to keep it going? Zero, because no force is needed to keep it going
A 10N force and a 30N force act in the same direction on an object. What is the net force on the object? 40N
What is the minimum resultant possible when adding a 3N force to an 8N force? 5N
Is the name given to the force acting between surfaces sliding past one another: Friction
Comes from microscopic bumps that acts as obstructions to the object's motion: Friction
Acts in a direction that opposes the motion of an object: Friction
If the force of gravity suddenly stopped acting on the planets, they would ___________ move in straight lines tangent to their orbits
The weight of a person can be represented by a vector that acts _______. Even if the person is standing on a hill? Straight down, and yes.
How much acceleration does an object have that follows a straight-line path at constant speed? Zero
How much does a 10kg bag of groceries weigh? 100N
A 10N force and a 30N force act on an object in opposite directions. What is the net force on the object? 20N
An object weighs 30N on earth. A second object weighs 30N on the moon. Which has the greater mass? The one on the moon
You would have the largest mass of gold if your chunk of gold weighed 1N on ___________ (Earth, Moon, Jupiter?) Moon
What is the maximum resultant possible when adding a 3N force to an 8N force? 11N
An object will continue moving in a straight line unless an outside force acts on it: Law of inertia
An object at rest will remain at rest unless acted on by an outside force: Law of inertia
An object that is not moving will never move unless a force acts on it: Law of inertia
An object will continue moving at the same velocity unless an outside force acts on it: Law of inertia
A mass of a 10kg object on earth is ________ (than) a 10kg object on the moon. the same as
ToF: A force can be simply defined as a push or a pull True
ToF: The SI unit of force is the kilogram False
ToF: An astronaut has the same mass on earth as in space True
ToF: If a hockey puck slides on a perfectly frictionless surface, it will eventually slow down because of its inertia False
ToF: The amount of matter in an object is its weight False
ToF: Inertia is the property that every material object has; inertia resists changes in an objects state of motion True
ToF: The SI unit of mass is newton False
ToF: The reason a penny thrown straight up inside an airplane will come back to your hand is that you, the air inside the plane, and the penny are all moving at the same horizontal velocity. True
ToF: An astronaut weighs the same on earth as in space False
ToF: If you slide a hockey puck across a frictionless ice rink, there must be a horizontal force on it to keep it in motion False
ToF: The force due to gravity acting on an object is its mass False
Created by: tmurph773
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